Playlist of my week

In which I decide to shuffle rather than repeat.

New York Diner Jukebox

The past few weeks have been a little stressful, there have been some moments where I have wanted to cave someone’s head in and other moments that have had me feeling that life is grand. Thankfully I can listen to music most of the time to keep me calm and provide a soundtrack to my life.

The soundtrack to my life

Trying to choose five songs that have kept me sane over the weeks is a tricky task, my music library has over 20,000 *ahem* legal tracks and as a result of the choice spend more time skipping songs than listening to them. Still, I think the following five pretty much sum up how I’ve been feeling this week.

Monday – Look on the Bright Side of Life – Monty Python

Life doesn’t always work out how you had planned and even though you can be disappointed with how events turn out you need to wait to see how life pans out before making a worthwhile judgement.

Tuesday – Lend me Your Face – Fight like Apes

Even though I am not a teacher, a Parent’s Evening this week got me so mad that I had devised a myriad of painful ways for one kidlet’s step-sire to die. A parent who is apparently even racist towards White Americans (it is the first time Mrs G has been subject to such treatment). Needless to say I was ready to go and cave his head in.

Wednesday – You don’t have to say you love me – Dusty Springfield

The Feliciraptor is going through a stage where she-wants-me, she-wants-me-not. On Tuesday we will be best buds and on Wednesday I can’t even get a cuddle. Even though she is acting indifferent I still know we have this father-daughter bond still going on because I still get a smile.

Thursday – Reach – S Club 7

If you want something it is up for you to reach out for it, and I really need to start planning life’s next steps. Nothing comes to those who don’t try for it, and I’ve spent way to long coasting and need to climb back up.

Friday – I’m so Tired – The Beatles

Climbing up is hard, as it a baby who is teething again. Four hours sleep may be okay one night a week, but all week I’ve not slept well. I’m out of steam and out of energy, two days off before we all go again.

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