The Angry Dwarf

In which I tell you a tale of a dwarf who got hurt but then got better.

Once upon a time

Here is a tale from the archives, in fact The Angry Dwarf was one of the first stories on my old site…I must add I am not feeling like this anymore, the scars have healed. So with words and pictures by Me, may I present:

The Angry Dwarf

PIC-Angry Dwarf

Far away in the land of make believe there lived a dwarf, not one of the mean and nasty variety but one of the nice ones that you would take home to see your mum.

He had only one weakness.


It didn’t matter what they did, he still adored them.

In short (for he was a dwarf) he was an idiot.

He wasn’t big, and he wasn’t clever.

One day, for some inexplicable deus ex machina reason (that I shall not insult your intelligence by coming up with) he decided to go for a walk.

On his walk he happened to stumble upon a woman crying by the road and, much to his amazement, discovered it was a princess.

PIC-Angry Dwarf Princess

“Oh princess, why do you cry so. For you are lovely and beautiful and every should adore you. I see your inner beauty and your radiance has captured my heart and I wish I could only find the words that would cast this despair from you.”

“Oh you sweet man, thank you for those kind words. I wish I wasn’t lovely and beautiful. It only attracts wicked princes who treat me horridly. Oh, I wish I could meet someone who is so kind with their words as you are…come let me take you to the palace where I shall prepare a feast to thank you for those words of comfort.”

Off they went, but a short while later a wicked but ruggedly handsome prince rode past them and suddenly stopped.

PIC-Angry Dwarf Price

“Maiden, why are you with someone of so little stature. I am a prince, you are a princess. It is I you should be with. You should belong to me”

The princess was taken aback. That this wicked prince, who was kind of cute, would be so mean. How dare he presume that she could be interested in him; him being all tall, dark and handsome. The dwarf was kind and nice and would do anything for her. Whereas the prince,well he did have between his legs such a large…horse.

Who was she kidding, the prince had her at “Maiden”.

“I am so sorry master dwarf” she said, “but I am not interested in you.”

“It’s not you, it’s me” she lied, “but I shall take with me the kind way you looked at me, the way you opened your heart and the gentle words you gave.”

She then got on the princes horse and rode off into the sunset, instantly forgetting everything that had upset her before about wicked princes. He did have a BIG horse after all.

PIC-Angry Dwarf Sunset

Unbeknownst to the dwarf he was in a cursed part of the wood which had heard the words of the princess. In a trice he was frozen to the spot as the spirit of the trees declared his doom.

PIC-Angry Dwarf Spirit

“So it has been asked, so I shall act. For your kind looks I take from you your vision, I shall rip out your opened heart, and your tongue that spoke so gently.”

So it happened that the kind, but princess-enamoured dwarf, was struck down. Words that the princess had made out of her own sense of kindness had dealt more cruelty than those delivered in malice.

The dwarf now blinded, unable to speak and with a crushed heart stumbled around the forest. He wandered for many months in a dream like state, alone and embittered by his experience.

One day he happened upon two wise women in the woods. Taking pity upon the dwarf they took him in and offered to help remove the curse that had been placed upon him.

“Master dwarf to release this curse we must tell you things that you will not want to hear about princesses.”

“Can you not see that princesses are teases?”

“Can you not hear that your words fall empty upon their ears?”

“Can you not feel that your kindness does not compare to having a big…horse?”

The dwarf, while trying to ignore the wise words, knew this to be the truth. He could feel the niggling sensation in his mind that told him so, and so the curse that had hurt him so deeply fell away.

As he was about to thank the wise women, the room darkened and the spirit of the forest appeared.

“A doom I passed upon thee. Your eyes, heart and tongue I have taken and it is in no ones power other than mine to return them. In exchange I offer you the opportunity to replace them with your own choice. I return to you your tongue, but be quick.”

The angry dwarf stood for a moment and thought, he had the opportunity to show that it didn’t matter how cruel he had been treated he now had the chance to show it hadn’t affected him.

“Thank you spirit”

“I choose daggers for eyes, that I may pierce princesses’ fragile defences. That my eyes will dig into their souls and pinpoint their weakness. That it will help me see their petty and shallow minds”

“I choose a rapier for a tongue, that my words will cut them to the core. My sole weapon will be my vocabulary, my vocabulary and my wit. My two weapons will my vocabulary and my wit…and a words tipped with a bitter poison. My three weapons will be vocabulary, wit and bitterness. And surprise”

“For my heart I choose stone, so that I may never be hurt again. “

With these final words the spirit changed the angry dwarf to match his demands. And so the kind and honest dwarf was changed into an embittered, cold hearted person.

PIC-Angry Dwarf Tongue

Is there a happy ending to this tale? If you are going to insist in living in the fantasy world then…Err…Blah blah…meets lovely lady dwarf…blah blah…love conquers all…blah blah…something something healed…happy ever after.

Moral: Princesses have the power to turn kindness to bitterness. A power that is too often used.

Source: Scars

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

6 thoughts on “The Angry Dwarf”

  1. I’ve been there, done that. Sometimes pain brings the worse part of us but still, after that bitter-move-on process, one day we’ll just realize that the worse part of us also drives the better new us.


    1. At the time I originally wrote that I had a whole blog of Angry Fairy Tales, thankfully I’m now out of that frame of mind and couldn’t be happier…the only problem is I find I was a lot more creative while bitter!


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