Dealing with disaster

In which I face disaster and become a man my son.

Iceberg about to hit the Titanic

Icebergs, as a child I was obsessed by one in particular. It was floating around the Atlantic ocean on the night of April 14th 1912 and caused an event that fascinated me. The sinking of the Titanic was this great disaster that stuck in my imagination until it was ruined by Celine Dion.

Celine Dion CD cover of My Heart Will Go On
Admit it, it is in your head now…probably from “near, far…”

Disasters have always made me curious, and in the modern rolling news I become obsessed with watching events unfold. It is a morbid curiosity as to what is happening but there is a greater part of me that wonders what I would do if I was there and involved.

I don’t like to overtly take control of difficult situations but when the time calls for it I step up and take command. Thankfully I have yet to be tested in a dangerous situation, and hope to never be, but if I was I would like to think I could make a difference.

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a bit like mini-scouting and involves going on a weekend expedition. Normally most of the children who do this have no practical experience of carrying rucksacks or erecting tents, so when trouble strikes we are all amaturally prepared.

So it happened that on my expedition one of our party was struck down with pain that caused them to double over. This was back in the technological back water of 1998 so none of use had a mobile phone let alone one that ran Google Maps. Instead all we had was a foldable drawing of the countryside and a magnet pointy thing.

Orienteering compass and map
If you say technology isn’t of benefit I will punch you.

Unsurprisingly from that description of our equipment we were lost and not entirely sure where we were. Action was needed, and while everyone else was dithering over whether we should press on, wait where we stood or find help I decided that a decision was needed. We carry on forward.

This is why I feel I am good in a crisis, I am happy to make a decision. Family will tell you that what drives me crazy is standing around trying to decide which direction we should head or where we should go an eat. It trips a neuron in my brain that makes me want to take charge and make a call on what should be done. This is especially the case if anyone says “I’m not bothered”, the most indecisive phrase ever invented (which is made worse by the fact that the person is bothered as evidenced when you make a decision and they don’t like it).

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Source: Disaster

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