Travelogue : Talking about my travels

In which I stay quiet about the places I’ve been

Aeroplane waiting to depart

It may be my European location, and certainly due to my NY family, but I have been lucky to travel a lot. I’ve gone on about New York and China and the culture of travelling but never talked about all the other places I’ve been. I’ve learnt from experience that if you are lucky enough to be able to travel it is rare that you are lucky enough to find people who want to hear about it.

Maybe it’s more to do with me, or the people I’ve known, or that going somewhere exotic is a cause for jealousy. Here’s the thing, I don’t smoke, I rarely go out, don’t have debts I’m paying off, an affordable mortgage, worked hard to get a good job and save my money. This means I have savings and the means to go away, and away far.

The problem is that some people in the past take it to mean I am throwing my perceived wealth in their faces once I say I’m off to another continent. The financial savvy I’ve got from my mum is an affront to their own spending prolificacy. Rather than be able to recall my time on the Golden Gate Bride, Red Square, Pyramids, Great Wall, Times Square or even just the beach I have to remain quiet for fear of upsetting them.

If I stay silent I can’t be accused of “being made of money” and made to think that I’m a braggart for daring to mention I had been somewhere that wasn’t within 30 miles.

The normal response when I’m asked how was my holiday is “It was good”, which neither makes it sound like I had fun and amazing time (which normally I had) or that it was horrendous and therefore makes the asker feel good because this little “millionaire” didn’t enjoy his travels. We then never talk about it again.

Yet I like hearing about other people’s journeys, seeing new places and cultures widens our own understanding of humanity and gets you out of the parochial mindset of the familiar. I want to know what they did, what they ate and what they saw. I get as excited as them recounting their experiences and never once think how could they afford that.

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