The inflatable boy and other jokes

In which I stand side by side with comedy greats, and they ask what am I doing there.

Two inflatable michelin men

Comedy is a very subjective thing, what I find funny and what you find funny may complete polar opposites. For example I like well written situation based comedy with genuinely funny actors and actresses, that isn’t afraid to introduce new themes and push the boundaries. And you may hate ‘My Family’.(THAT IS A JOKE…NO ONE LIKES MY FAMILY! – For an American Audience imagine that My Family is replaced with “Two and a Half Men”)

I thought I would tell you a joke, but I can’t seem to think of one, so instead how about I show you some of the great exponents of comedy?

So here are a few of my comedy greats (with evidence).

Spike Milligan

I love nonsense humour and the finest exponent in my mind is Spike Milligan. The Goon Show is a 30 minute shot of insanity and wordplay that never fails to make me laugh. It proves that comedy can just be funny by being silly, it doesn’t have to be clever.

Nowadays comedy has plenty of opportunities to be ‘out there’, see League of Gentlemen and Mighty Boosh, but at the time The Goons (and lest we forget it also included other greats such as Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe) was as different and dangerous as anything the BBC aired. Spike Milligan is also for me the epitome of the sad clown. The great laughs he provided is tempered with the sadness of knowing he was often suffering greatly for his art.

Monty Python

Another dose of idiocy. I struggle with Python as I often laugh ‘at the things to come’. I’m laughing at the wafer thin mint, and the pining for the fjords, being a very naughty boy and the sketch getting very silly. And there will be people who will laugh at the punch lines I gave above knowing the full joke.

I also named a 5-a-side team after the Knights that say Ni so that is surely worth bonus points isn’t it?

Oh no I said it, ahhh I’ve done it again, aaaarrrrggghhhhh.

Tina Fey

One of the funniest women that has ever lived. This is proved by my altering of her Wikipedia article to prove the point.

Brilliant on Saturday Night Live, amazing on 30 Rock, and has given some of the best acceptance speeches in award history.

Funny without being mean spirited, and beautifully self-effacing. She is also a geek so +1.

Got one…I got one, after thinking I don’t have a joke I remembered I do! My normal go to joke that creates mirth and laughter whenever it is told (Mirth and Laughter being another term for groans and jeers).

So…Once upon a time, there was an inflatable boy…

The Inflatable Boy

The inflatable boy lived in an inflatable house with his inflatable mum and inflatable dad. Now the inflatable boy was just getting to the age where all he wanted to do was hang around in his inflatable  room and lie on his inflatable bed and watch his inflatable TV without his inflatable parents harassing him all the time to do his chores.

One morning the inflatable boy woke up in a right grotty mood. As he walked down the inflatable stairs into the inflatable kitchen his inflatable mother stopped him and said, “You haven’t taken the rubbish and put it in the inflatable bin”.

“Hmpfh” he said.

As he sat down at the table his inflatable father said, “You’ve not yet tidied up in the inflatable front room, you need to do it”

“Blah” replied the inflatable boy.

As he sat trying to eat his breakfast in peace his inflatable parents reeled off a list of jobs he had yet to do which enraged him further. Eventually he could take it no more. He leaped from his inflatable chair, went over to the inflatable kitchen drawers, opened them and pulled out a large pin.

Approaching his parents he stuck the pin into his inflatable mother, and then into his inflatable father and stormed out of the inflatable house to go to the inflatable school with his pin.

Because of the mornings travails he was late as he approached the inflatable gates and was confronted by an inflatable teacher.

“You’re late, that will be detention for you” said the inflatable teacher.

“You vile blaggard” screamed the inflatable boy and, as with his parents ran the teacher through with the pin.

He was not going to school that day in this mood, but still not satisfied he prodded the side of the building with the pin and left.

He arrived home to see an inflatable policeman standing on his inflatable doorstep shaking his head.

The inflatable policeman looked at the boy and tutted.

“What are you doing behaving like this…You’ve let your mum down, you’ve let your dad down…”

Alternate ending

He arrived home to see an inflatable policeman standing on his inflatable doorstep shaking his head. Shocked he tipped over and landed on the pin.

The inflatable policeman looked at the deflated boy and tutted.

“What are you doing behaving like this…You’ve let your mum down, you’ve let your dad down, you’ve let your school down, but most importantly you’ve let yourself down.”

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Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

6 thoughts on “The inflatable boy and other jokes”

  1. I saw Spike Milligen Live at the Mermaid theatere in London in my London days in his own piece “The Bedsitting Room” and yes, I found it very funny, although at the time his humour was not always understood.


  2. Monty Python has a cult following over here in the states. Some people love them, other people have no sense of humor (They don’t “get” British humor). Of course, they’re also the ones that like TV shoes like “American Dad” and “Family Guy” so there’s that. I’m one of the former. I’ve loved ’em since the early 80’s. Did you ever see the Canadian show “The Kids in the Hall” from the 80’s? It was pretty funny too.


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