The journey is not the best bit

In which I’m leaving on a Jet Plane and hope I’ll be landed soon.

Plane flying over the New York skyline

Why is it that all the amazing places I want to go to require a flight? Aside from the obvious costs of getting anywhere I never find the journey (according to some sayings the best part of getting somewhere) particularly fun.

I’m not scared of flying by any means I just don’t prefer it to other methods of transport. Unfortunately as there is no trans-Atlantic railway I have little option but to strap myself in a metal tube for a few hours and endure the feeling of helplessness that accompanies it.

Cruising would be a viable option should I have unlimited time and funds, but when it takes nearly a week to go from the UK to New York (and only on certain days) I would have to book a month off work just to visit. That said the plan for when I emigrate to America does revolve around me going by ship like they did in the olden days, I already have my little brown suitcase and I just need a flap cap for when I gaze upon the Statue of Liberty for the first time.

My problem with planes is the lack of control I feel. In a car I’m driving (most of the time), on a boat I could swim and a train is firmly on the ground. Being a sardine at 30,000 feet is an unappetising prospect should anything go wrong. Added to this is the inability to see where I’m going.

Granted I can use the map on the tiny screen, but with most other forms of transportation there are normally large windows that are easy to look out of. Unless I am lucky to get a window seat there is little chance of having a glance as to what lies below, even then the view I most often get is one of the flimsy looking wing bouncing up and down.

Maybe I need to pass my civilian aviation test and become a pilot who can fly a large passenger jet, at least then I would be happy to know that I have my fingers firmly on the autopilot off switch just in case Skynet happens.

My solution with flight anxiety is to prepare for the flight by researching everything to do with the journey. I will have checked the weather charts, turbulence predictions, safety records of the aircraft and airline, any incidents at the airports, escape routes or anything that can help me feel more informed. In fact the best flight I ever had was coming back from New York on a United flight that had the radio between the cockpit and ATC as one of the media options. Even though they were being warned of chop ahead I felt more comfortable knowing it was coming.

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4 thoughts on “The journey is not the best bit”

  1. I completely get the whole plane thing……….I don’t particularly enjoy flying either, but I do like to travel. Last time we flew Emirates and there was a huge screen near the front which was streaming from a camera at the front of the plane. It actually made the take off kind of cool but the landing even scarier, I could see what was happening, but still had no control (Not that I would know what to do if I did have control) lol


    1. I remember flooring back from New York and was able to listen to the air traffic control, it was more relaxing to know there would be heavy chop for ten minutes coming up than being thrust into turbulence. The more info I can get in a plane the more relaxed I can be.

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  2. I don’t have anything against flying, but somehow it disturbs me a little how heavy it is from an ecological point of view (while I have thousands of other things to improve my carbon footprint other than not flying). I live in Belgium and as a kid we always had vacations to destinations reachable by car. They are the best travel memories I have, so I try to mentally let go of all that worldwide beauty for now :p


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