Better taking computer notes

In which I create an artisan handwritten post on my computer.

Once upon a time

I’m reach the end of my child imposed exile from work and need to get myself back in the mood for a day behind a computer. Over the past fortnight I’ve got out of the habit in many ways, from getting dressed in the morning to having to click a mouse all day long.

One aspect of work that I have not done while at home is pick up a pen. I’ve had no need of a biro to jot a note nor a fountain pen to sign my name. This is just as well as my hand written word is worse than my typed.

Penmanship is not my strong point, in fact it looks like I’m a doctor who is being electrocuted. I can say in all honesty when they were teaching handwriting I was off and I maintain that I am still one week behind everyone else with my cursive.

The few university notes I made look like shorthand but all they are are marks on a page that are words but without the up or down strokes. Every single word is just a straight line with random dots where I assume an “i” should be.

I always start a new job with a brand new notebook and have good intentions to meticulously detail all the brilliant thoughts I have and create my own version of a Da Vinci codex. Within a week it looks like I have squashed a million spiders within it’s pages (which is a better use for a notebook).

Even my home notes are a work of art (in the same way as Jackson Pollock) which are full of meaning. I found a page of them earlier to day, and cannot for the life of me work out what I was meant to be jotting down.


This is why I am glad I live in the times we do. Even since school I have been able to type when I’ve needed to, even if to begin with it required a typewriter (I am not that young). Now I have a laptop I can take around with me to make my note taking more legible.

So as I go back to work there are many things that I am worried about, will I be too tired to make it to the end of the day, do I have any clothes without sick on, will I remember how to speak to adults? There is one way to get through these worries…write a list.

Then I won’t be able to read what I am panicking about.

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Author: geekergosum

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