Choosing my sports teams

In which I choose which team colours to wear.

New York Yankees baseball top

It is the start of the batball season and it has reminded me that I have not yet provided my allegiance to any US Sports team. With the potential of being a future New Yorker I need to make a pick of which teams I am going to follow when I spend my life in front of ESPN.

I’m quite good at supporting non-local teams (after all I support AC Milan and the New Zealand All Blacks) so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However I do need to consider a few factors.

Can I support the really successful teams, will this make me a glory hunter? What if the team I choose has a deadly rivalry with the team of my new American family? Is the team known for being mean? Does the jersey look good?

The first factor rules out the Yankees. I mean who wants to support a team where a global championship is met with a “meh, another trophy”. I want to support a team where when they win something it is an amazing once in a lifetime achievement. I want to be able to tell the grand kids I remember when so-and-so won the Superdownbowl or Stanislas Cup all that time ago, and them to roll their eyes because that was “ages ago”. The current success of the England cricket team (current series not withstanding) shows me that the journey to the top is much more fun than being number one.

Want to stay married? Then no Boston Red Sox…no LA Dodgers!

I don’t want to give my support to a team that feels no responsibility to its fans or players. Too many teams consider fans as customers to fleece, I want a team that has a reputation of being fan and family-friendly.

No point supporting a sports team that plays in fluorescent yellow or a pastel shade of green, if you are going to pick any team choose one with a good-looking kit. If you end up having to wear the colour you don’t want to look like a walking fashion disaster doing it. I do realise this negates my “I’m not metrosexual” argument.

Taking this all into account I have the following shortlist:

  • Throwball (American): New York Aeroplanes (nice greenkit)
  • Batball: The Mets (let’s go Mets)
  • Hockey: New York Rangers with a side support of Pittsburgh Penguins (due to a past history playing the NHL games and Mario Lemieux)
  • Running Netball: Knicks but with a bit more support of LA Lakers (due to being Chatt-ille O’Neal for the school basketball team-I think mainly due to my free throw ability as opposed to my height! )
  • Football (European): I think this is going to take a bit more thinking, the Red Bulls will be local but they also sponsor a rival F1 team. Perhaps I’ll wait for the Cosmos.

PIC-Me in Mets

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