Good desk or bad desk

In which a tidy desk is a tidy mind.

Tidy Desk at work

The big office move has gone off without a hitch and despite losing a window, natural light and air-con there is one thing good to come from it. I now have a straight edged desk.

You see curved desks are stupid, and if you disagree you are wrong. As wrong as a desk that does not fit under quadrilateral in a shape test, as wrong as the waste of desk area generated by the pointless cut out shape of a pleasantly bending surface with which to work on. For centuries we have worked at desks that have consisted of nothing but for straight sides and do you know what was built?

The Pyramids
The Great Wall of China
The modern world

Even though we now have the modern technology is vastly superior to that of the 1960’s we have yet to go back to the Moon, and why? Curved desks.

With a proper desk it is easy to arrange all essential items in a pleasing and organised way at right angles to the user and the desk (see Fig1 below). This allows for a mind that is in peace with its surroundings, this is a desk of someone who will achieve great things.

Good Desk


Fig 1. A sensible desk

Now offices want to impose a bit more, what’s the word I’m looking for…oh that’s right….stupidity on the workforce. The plebs on the floor like wibbly wobbly things don’t they? Then give them a curved desk! Afterall it reduces the chance one of them my hurt themselves on the sharp corners poor widdle babies.

Do you know what has been created with curved desks. All the bad things around us

The financial crisis
The Kardashians
Babies crying

Look at Fig 2. How does this make sense?

Bad Desk layout

PIC-Bad Desk

Fig 2. A stupid, stupid desk

Where should the chair go? It doesn’t fit neatly at the desk, and what if I want to sit anywhere else along the edge? Sorry, it’s not possible? Why are things not lining up? Why does my life now feel dark and my soul destroyed? A curved desk is inhumane, if we put puppies and kittens at them there would be uproar.

With a curved desk you are given a concave space that is for you and your paraphernalia should fit around that. Yet desk manufacturers don’t pay much attention to where storage can fit, or if your chair is able to slide into the predetermined location. Desks are there for a particular function; working on. If a desk is curved it fails. Fails hard.

So know I have a straight edged, with four equal angles, desk I can be more productive. I won’t spend so much time rearranging monitors, I can sit at any point along the edge. Life is a better place.

If only the outside world could see me and my contentment. But I don’t have a window I can see out of.

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