Hoarding memories and mementos

In which I store my memories on the bonfire of time.

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Hoarders is a programme where people who have a mental illness are paraded in front of a TV audience for us to point at like they are a Victorian freak show. The participants have normally experienced a traumatic event in their life that makes them feel unable to let go of any item that they possess. Being afraid to lose anything about their history they keep and store every memory in physical form.

I suffer from the alternate version of this, I have little sentimentality for past possessions and as a result tend to through away stuff before I should. I don’t have piles of cards or items I’ve collected from holiday. The memories of my past times are in my head, which is a worrying prospect as my recollection of my youth is terrible.

It would be easy to feel sad about this, but I am someone who does not like to live and dwell in the past. I’ve been there and it was pretty good, mostly, but I am way more excited by the future and I can’t be tripping over my memories while trying to do that.

The memorabilia I have has increased with marriage, mostly because Mrs G likes to have some items to display, but our house is still spartan with photos or collectables. The only storage of items we have here are stored safely in the attic and that just consists of bags of baby clothes and number of suitcases (because who throws out a suitcase).

Instead Mrs G has self-storage back in America, her old life that she left is in a container somewhere in New York and we’ve not yet brought it across. Part of this is the practicality of shipping across the Atlantic but there is perhaps some part hopeful. If there is still a box of her belongings in New York then maybe she can still claim that part of her is still there.

She is more vested in keeping her past lives, the storage of a keyboard and some clothes helps keep the memory alive of her time across the ocean. She is much more backward looking than I, she keeps in touch regularly with old school friends and places much more stock in her history. I have the oppostie view, I am like the Romans in Carthage and much happier to scorch the earth of my past.

Self storage is a great way of documenting who you were, and while the study of your personal history is important I am much more excited about the person I will become. It is hard to do that with excess luggage. Pack what you need in a suitcase and for the rest of that container, burn it. You’ll find that you never needed to keep three tin openers in the first place.

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Author: geekergosum

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8 thoughts on “Hoarding memories and mementos”

  1. I think your writing is really good, and I do agree with you to pack only what you need. I believe though that writing is in a sense self storage, don’t you think? But anyway I still have to make a post in this, well, maybe.. haha Great Post BTW!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. It’s like looking in a mirror sometimes, reading your blog. I’m the same way about stuff. I don’t form an attachment to things and often throw them out rather than keep them. The hubs is like your wife, he keeps just about everything, though he has calmed down a bit on that since we married.

    I actually thought he was a hoarder when we first started dating. Turns out, he’s a “collector” who just moved — which explained the room full (and I mean FULL) of boxes. It was a scary sight, I nearly turned around and ran the other way when I saw it. We also have the program Hoarders here.

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    1. Thank you! Collector is a name for an organised hoarder!

      I have some random things that have sentimental value (like a water bottle from Blenheim Palace from mine and Mrs G’s first date). But surrounding yourself with memory noise just desensitizes yourself from the past.

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  3. I was just thinking about that the other day, actually. I have a storage unit already, and I’m about a quarter of a century old. Am I destined to be a hoarder? Maybe. My reason for keeping things is, what if it comes in handy later on in my life? You never know when you’re going to need an extra wooden spatula, or maybe your niece will want your clothing when you grow up. (Also, I’m too lazy to put things up for sale!) So, laziness and pragmatism. πŸ™‚


    1. A handy tip I came across was putting things in dated boxes for storage. If you had not opened the box in a year you could just get rid of it. The only concession I have towards storage is my man kitchen drawer where I keep old batteries, some phone chargers and an empty pack of paracetamol!


      1. Haha! I have your kitchen drawer x 12! I guess it really depends on each person’s idea of objects that are “important”. This would’ve been a great topic for today’s DP prompt, haha.


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