4 things that took the nuclear option

In which I may have leant on the red button.

Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear power was once meant to be the fuel of the future (which as anyone who is in the know will now tell you is quite obviously LPG – how long does the brainwashing last?) In the early days scientists and marketeers alike told us of the many amazing applications the mighty could have.

Rightly or wrongly, nuclear power has now got a bad reputation. Incidents such as Chernobyl and the recent events at the Fukishima plant have highlighted that when a nuclear power plant tends to get into trouble it generally causes quite a few problems.

Many people have imagined a post-nuclear apocalyptic world, so that sounds like a great excuse for a list.

In order of deadliness with lowest Geiger counter readings first.


This is where I spend most nights, glued to my screen.

A slight disagreement in the 1950’s led to the world of Fallout, and although I have only played the third game in the series the feeling of walking around a nuclear wasteland in the dark has never felt as scary (like I’ve been walking round lots of post-nuclear wastelands in the dark – then again I do live in Birmingham).

Fallout is your typical Western RPG in that you are presented with numerous good and less-good choices; should I give this beggar food and water, do I help the scientist with her research,do I detonate this unexploded nuclear bomb in the centre of this town or not?

Dr. Strangelove

I suppose this is better defined as pre-post-apocalyptic fiction as most of the action takes place before the bombs fall. It’s on my list though as it is a laugh out loud funny film.

Obviously Peter Sellars steals every scene he is in; but seriously if you do not laugh at the big board, the fighting in the war room or the suspicious actions of the Doctor’s arm then you deserve to be left out side the mineshaft (of which there cannot be a mineshaft gap).

My Earth

As mentioned in a recent post, I have intentions to take over the planet which is probably why I enjoy playing computer games that allow me to do so. One of the first things I find myself doing when playing any such game set in the modern age (Like Supreme Commander or Hearts of Iron) is seeing how far I can push the MAD scenario.

I remember playing a game set in the run-up to the first Gulf War and my method of dealing with the Invasion of Kuwait was to nuke Iraq. Then as a precautionary measure nuke Russia and China, and France, and Germany. In fact any country that had nuclear weapons, or if I thought they had them, or they could have done in the future.

Even though it is only a simulation I think this best demonstrates why I should be kept as far away from that big red launch button as possible!

The Twelve colonies

The co-ordinated attack by the cylons wiped out twelve planets worth of humanity leaving only a few tens of thousands of survivors. For those yet to watch Battlestar Galactica I highly encourage you to do so, and as a result I will not spoil it by telling you what happens here. However you are missing one of the best TV series in recent years.

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