Taking a leap of faith

In which taking a leap is the best way to live life (unless you are a funambulist).

Person jumping on rocks

I’m on my way to work, the thirteenth different job I’ve had in fifteen years. I got to the station from my third different house in my fifth different car. For some this would show how flighty I am and constantly changing, but more me it shows the importance of sensing opportunities and taking a leap of faith.

All of these changes were made very quickly, a possibility for an improvement to my life arose and I went out and grabbed it. There have been some stumbles along the way (as two three-month jobs would suggest) but the important factor has always been when I had a chance to ‘go for it’ I did.

I’ve been accused of being able to fall in a pile of excrement and coming out smelling of roses. It implies that I am lucky in whatever I do and i take offense at that. Getting a new job is not lucky, I have had to prove myself numerous times and, because I lack a degree qualification, convince someone to hire me.

All the key points in my work career were because I saw a gap and went for it. I could have been happy to not record my performance on a spreadsheet and never started on the analytics path. I could have worried I would never make a manager and not applied to be a team leader. Before I did marketing I had never marketed so why would I think I could go in that direction?

Life is full of reasons why not, but they are just the safety net we like to put in place so we don’t have to worry about failing. Of course I am not going to be reckless, every time I got a new job I did it without quitting my old. The stuff I buy is paid for and I’m not going to cause myself financial hardship just because of ‘want’.

The only time I got nervous making that jump was my personal life. I had taken a punt with love a number of times and always come away a bit more broken. Each time I got hurt it made me less likely to take a chance next time. it got to a point where I decided that the best way to avoid being disqualified was to not take part at all.

In the end though I did, I came out of retirement to give it one more go and I nailed the landing. We are talking nailed it like Nadia Comăneci routine. I think about the life I could have lead if I didn’t and it’s full of ‘things’ but would be empty. Sometimes taking the opportunity leaves you poorer for possessions but gives you a much fuller life.

The most important thing to remember when making the jump is that the scary part is not the flight or the landing. It’s the crouching to get ready. At that point both the worst and the best can happen, the scary part is not knowing which it will be.

There is only one way to find out.

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