Choosing my favourite accent

In which my life is narrated over a series of 1 CD.

Photo of BBC Test Match Special Team

I have no idea what my inner voice sounds like, I can sit here trying to think but I’m not sure the noise in my head has any accent. I’m not sure I have any accent.

I know this is completely untrue as I sound very different from the New Yawk of Mrs G, and it is quite clear that I have a British accent. But it is a British and not necessarily regional accent. I can be placed by my use of words such as ‘batch’ and ‘mardy’ not the way I say them.

To hear someone read what I write I would have a plethora of options as none of this has been written with a voice in mind.

I could choose to go with some of my favourite accents as this would make it more enjoyable to listen to. I could go with the New York accent that is a bonus from Mrs G.

Maybe I could go for my other favourite American accent which is the Lousiana drawl. This was partly the reason True Blood was like TV catnip to me.

Looking a bit closer to home I am a sucker for the lilting tones of the Welsh, I went to university in Aberystwyth and was surrounded by it. I will even make special calls to the DVLA to speak to their call centre in Swansea.

As a Brit though we have only one go to person for all our voice work, a man who is synonymous with the written word originating from the land of Shakespeare.

Mr Steven Fry.

He can do my clever posts, as well as my angrier ones.

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

Source: Voice Work

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