Late Review : Skyrim

In which I get my Dovahkin on.

Dovakhin from Skyrim

I spend my evenings in a grey landscape glistening with rain, such is life in the wastelands of Fallout 4. This is the latest game to suck me in with hundreds of hours of gameplay when I have none to spare.

I don’t like stress, yet I go for games that are nothing but. Not that I’ve regretted the end destination of the activities that cause the pain, but the journey of getting there.

Thankfully I have hobbies that let me take out some of the pent up rage and not store it all in the knots in my back (which is a good job as it is already full). Gaming is a great way to be able to turn on and tune out, and doesn’t create too much stress in the process (ignoring a few damaged PlayStations after some bad Fifa results). Previous to the radioactive plains of Boston I my go-to-game saw me adventuring the tundra of Tamriel, for I am Dragonborn and relaxed by scouring Skyrim for gold coins.

I’m currently on my fifth run-through (and the third on the Xbox, as I also have the PS3 and PC version) and despite being able to skip every cut-scene, there are only so many times you can hear about what some people call junk others call treasures, I still enjoy the feeling of trying to level up my various characters.

PIC-Geek Ergo Sum Skyrim

Yet something is starting to gnaw at me, and it’s not just a rabid skeever. It’s starting to feel a lot like life is creeping into my little fantasy world.

Running all over Skyrim to collect iron ore, stone and glass to build a house was fun. Then I started getting stressed because I’ve run out of locks so have to make the trip back to Whiterun just to get some more ore, but then I need lumber for the chest I’ve made the lock for. So off to a mill to buy some, but I’ve spent all my money on fancy armour so I need to go and raid a dungeon to raise funds. Then back to Markath to sell the axes I’ve robbed off corpses , to go and get the materials I need. This running around and waiting to be able to have a house seems awfully like trying to move home in real life (but with less bears).

There was also the hassle of getting married. Trying to find a ring, hoping she would say yes, finding a venue, getting everyone there, then worrying about where we would live afterwards and whether or not she would be able to get a job. It was very stressful and there were times I wished in could just restart or cheat and it would all be over.

Marrying Mrs G was just as bad.

At least work would be a refuge from stress…yeah right! The line of work I’m in has an important central goal that seems to get lost with the endless requests for help on some other task. I’m scared to even approach other people lest I be lumbered with another life or death piece of work. My to do list is huge.

I mean how lazy and stupid are people, if one more person comes up and asks me “can you fetch me 10 fire salts” or “please retrieve my ancient sword” I’ll scream. Getting the same requests in Skyrim is just as annoying.

I just wish I could Fus Roh Dah my problems away, but my real life shouting lacks any dragon souls.

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