Keeping in digital contact

In which I spend an evening with my favourite person.

Two people in a selfie on the sofa

Apparently my relationship is strange, I talk to my wife. I talk to her a lot in fact. I’m kind of surprised we still have anything to talk about considering the amount of time we’ve spent together.

It’s been very rare the moments we are not in each other’s company voluntarily. Of course there is the daytime when we are at work, but even that is not communication non gratia as we have the magic of messaging services.

That is how our relationship began and it’s what keeps us talking.

The beginnings of our relationship was built on this blog. Back in the olden days I was still angry but had abandoned the fairy tales, and Mrs G was still Miss C. Those first furtive communications were conducted thousands of miles apart. Even though we had not yet met in person I knew I was already to far away from my favourite person.

Those first few months were conducted over Gmail and Skype, moving around various protocols to see if “you can hear me now”. We talked, a lot, and still have large files of text from our early days. What we didn’t have was each other’s company.

That’s how it was for months. For nearly a year we were apart, even when engaged. The first 6 months of our betrothal was spent not just in separate beds but separate countries. The only time I could see her was in the corner of a screen.

Sometimes she would have to share with others
Sometimes she would have to share with others

So now when she goes away for a week it doesn’t seem a long time, nothing will compare to the amount we were not together at the beginning of our relationship.

A relationship we came into late in life, most people start in their twenties but we were later. As a result we have a lot of to catch up on. It is no surprise that we spend a lot of time talking.

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

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