Excel is not that exciting

In which I am excited by no longer being bored at work

Messy desk at work

I’m just a couple of days into my new job and I’m still loving it. It would be a little awkward if I wasn’t as jobs are not a dime a dozen. I’m still in the honeymoon phase where everything is new and different and, as a result, exciting.

I’m now in the world of contracting which means I may now only spend a few months at a company before moving on. As well as the financial recompense this may be perfect for me because what can bore me is becoming stuck in the same role, I want to develop and learn new skills and not just do the same thing every day.

Funnily enough my job at the moment is setting up some dashboards and reports, one of the main reasons I have left other companies. Having to spend all day refreshing numbers is neither challenging nor interesting, and I feel complete waste of my skills.

Instead I take the pleasure from setting these up and letting others run them. I am big on automation and self-service so I don’t have to be the “number’s guy”.

Typing numbers from one screen into another is also low on the excitement charts. How much of my life I have wasted copying and pasting I dread to think, but that moment I get a spreadsheet to connect with an API and autorefresh a set of stats; that’s what I live for (amongst many other things).

Having to press that refresh button, it may get the numbers moving but it doesn’t do anything for the juices. Being expected to do it daily eats at me and I’ve had to walk away numerous times because this is what my job became.

Now I get to create afresh the very instrument of my career disillusionment, and I’m looking forward to the process knowing I may not have time to get bored. I’m a creator not a  processor.

What bores you?

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7 thoughts on “Excel is not that exciting”

    1. I’m in a role that is technically a support function (I provide analysis for others) so I’m used to helping other areas do their job, what frustrates me is when the help is ignored or changed at a minutes notice

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