Everybody is angry

In which I read the local papers and find the same stories.

Polish newspaper front page

A GROUP of people are really angry and have promised that if things don’t change then they’ll only get angrier.

The group consisting mostly of people who are very similar to each other have expressed there displeasure at the way things are and have vowed to change things.

They have called for everyone to return to an arbitrary time from the past when things were better because everyone had less opinions that differed from their own and have decided that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy.

The small but very vocal minority recently met and announced that the mass majority of the public should listen to them because they knew better.

A spokesman for the group said; “We are right and want to return to the way things were, if we don’t get what we want then we have ways of causing a lot of disruption to normal people’s lives”.

One of the leader’s of the group, typically male and a member of the dominant ethnic group, tried to explain the reason for their anger saying: “The problem is the way things were was perfect, that’s how we lived and how we think everyone should live. Now the world has changed but we haven’t other than seeing our power and privilege being reduced. We want to see a return to the times when we had all the privilege and power because those who want to share it, well, aren’t like us are they?”

Innocent bystanders who are caught up in the furore were less vocal and were reluctant to stand up to the group who were causing all the fuss.

One of the few who spoke out told us that; “Well they’re scared aren’t they? They don’t understand why they aren’t the alpha dog, although they kind of still are, and because the other people don’t really talk or look like them they panic. It’s as though they are not educated enough to be able to understand the differences and want to resort to shouting.”

Another bystander said; “What do they hope to achieve, history has this way of moving forward but they want to go backwards instead. The past wasn’t so great. They talk of freedom’s well a hundred years ago women couldn’t vote or people who looked different had no liberty or mother’s and children died at alarming rates or the standard of living was much less than today. Why are they yearning for then, and want to destroy the now?”

The group continues to shout until they are heard or another group shouts louder.

Excerpt taken from Oregon Courier/The Syrian Express/The European Standard/The Republican Timeshttp://www.vintageinn.co.uk/

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

Source: Ripped Into the Headline

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