A dedicated follower of fashion

In which I defend myself from accusations of being stylish.

Drunk holding a roof tile

If some members of my family had their way I would have an earring now. Of all the things I could rock (like a well-tailored suit) having a pierced ear would not be one of them. This would have been especially interesting as a style choice considering that at the time I would have had dyed blonde hair. I would have looked like a cross between 90’s Justin Timberlake, Bilbo Baggins and Mr. Clean.

I don’t claim to have any “style” because I am too lazy to cultivate one. Yes I have an acceptable haircut but the only product I used this morning is oxidane. I’m wearing a shirt from Marks and Spencers that was purchased as part of a pack of three and my trousers are “easy to iron” as opposed to fitting well. The only vanity item I have are the Cuban heels on my shoes.

My hairstyle is dictated by the way my natural parting falls and how little effort it requires in the morning. I already have the morning routine at a minimum to extend the period I spend in bed so spending 15 minutes sticking various waxes in my hair equates to 65 hours extra spent asleep.

I do have brightly coloured socks which may say that I am trying to cultivate a quirky image. In reality it just makes it easier to match them as they come out the washing machine. Previously I used to have the days of the week on them, but this wasted so much time trying to find the correct pair for the right day that I got rid of them.

I hate style over substance, when more effort is taken to make something appear better than it is. If you don’t like how I look then tough. I can change to suit you, but I have this problem where I prefer to be happy than making others who don’t like me feel better. I abhor anything that glosses over the basic function it is meant to perform.

I eat to stop feeling hungry, the presentation of food comes after the sustenance it provides and whether it tastes good. Faffing around with decorative items is ridiculous; I can’t imagine a blind person enjoys a fancy restaurant less because they can’t see what is in front of them. Good food is good food no matter what it looks like, and nasty mutton never tastes like lamb despite any attempts to tart it up.

We may be poorer for all the fancy accoutrements we lose, but we would be so much happier if we stopped aiming for a lifestyle and just had a life.

Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.


Source: New Sensation

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

2 thoughts on “A dedicated follower of fashion”

  1. I feel the same way about a lot of things. It baffles the hubster — who’s a foodie — when he asks me what I want to eat and I’m all, “food”. It doesn’t matter, I’m hungry. I want food. So long as it’s not awful, I’m good.


    1. My Britishness comes out when I’m asked that question, my answer of ‘Food’ would mean ‘I’ll eat anything, but nothing with mushrooms or whole tomatoes and I probably want potatoes but would go for pasta if it had a cheese sauce but not penne pasta or I could go for a takeaway but most likely Chinese and not Indian but I am happy to eat anything except the third and fifth thing you suggest’.

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