I am a Machiavellian speaker

In which you’ll hear what I want you to hear.

Me dressed as Machiavelli

I probably think that this is a secret and that nobody else knows (but I’m sure they do – or they will now), but I have a talent for only saying what I want to say and at a certain time. I think about what it is I want to say, and how you will hear it. I am willing to lie and change (or completely ignore) the subject; especially with my feelings.

My words, and the way I say them are chosen for a reason. I am a Machiavellian orator.

People who may know me will find that funny, I’m sure I have a reputation for being a loudmouth and for fronting my opinions. There are certain areas that I am willing to stand up and be heard. I have, more than once, stood in front of my peers and ‘superiors’ (just because you earn more than me does not mean you are superior – and yes; I have told someone that as well) and told them what I think is going wrong. Being called a Little-Lenin by a director is one of my proudest achievements, and I’m sure my trade-unionist Dad is proud of me.

However, I don’t really do politics and I am willing to call out those who do. I abhor yes men and brown-nosers, I may never climb the corporate chain but I don’t really care. I prefer to do what is right, as opposed to what is seen to be right and is best for appearances. I don’t want anyone to tell me what they think I want to hear, I want them to tell me what I need to know.

I am guilty of doing this in my personal life though, but in a different way.

The most pointless question in the world is the old “how are you?”. This question can come in many forms, from the “u ok?” to the “hi, how are things going”. I get asked this numerous times a day.

The answer I’m going to give is either going to be:

a) Fine, how are you? – This is a bit of truth-omission. What I really mean is “I feel like a piece of crap, I have no self-esteem and I am really struggling to put on a pretence that everything is fine, how are you?”. All I am doing is removing everything before the word ‘fine’.


b) So how was last night/your weekend/day at work? – This is simply avoiding the subject, a deliberate attempt to change the subject. Some people realise they are being manipulated, others don’t. It’s a very simple technique, and any question will do.

Sometimes I will answer honestly, however the more likely you are to give me pity or are the cause of lack of fineness the better chance you are going to get either a) or b). And no, I will not tell you if it is because you are pitying or annoying me.

Then again I am a Machiavellian speaker.

Perhaps I have only told you half-truths, or directed you to think in a certain way.

I have a talent for that.

What is your worst quality?

Source: Flawed

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

6 thoughts on “I am a Machiavellian speaker”

  1. As usual, I enjoyed your post. Never predictable, always entertaining. Yes, I’m shallow. I like to be informed and entertained at the same time. I have some questions and answers about your instagram pics but don’t want to join instagram, so here it goes. I think the Feliciraptor’s party theme is “Good Advice.” She’s telling us to “Duck!” I also wonder what is in the center square pan on your table. No one seems to have touched it. Now, I feel neither superior nor inferior to you. Nor am I asking as an empty social gesture, so please don’t pull an (a) nor a (b) on me.


    1. Thank you…for the instagram pics:

      The party theme was “Sarah & Duck”…it’s a children’s TV show in the UK and a particular favourite. I recommend finding it on YouTube for a look…the cake has the ‘shallots’ who are a recurring character.

      The square pan is mashed potato from Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t feel bad about nobody touching it as it was the second tray of potato and the other trays of sweet potatoes had already been eaten.


      1. Aha…Mashed spuds are my favorites. I would have let you have my sweet potatoes and I’d eat your regular potatoes for you. That was a fun phot. Glad you have such a big family to celebrate with. I’ll be with family and old college friends or Xmas so will be fun as I live thousands of miles away from them.!


  2. I’ve never understood the animosity toward the greeting, “How are you?” I mean it’s simply a polite greeting. Ingrained. Something we’re taught to ask from a very young age. I suffer from chronic pain and I’ve never found it to be annoying. But, you’re not the first nor do I expect you to be the last person to find that “empty social gesture” to be grating on the nerves.

    I wonder though, how do all y’all who find this greeting of “how are you?” expect us to greet people from now on? It seems that commenting on the weather isn’t acceptable either (I’ve read rants about that) and some of us really find a simple “Hi” or “Hello” to be just… awkward and want to fill in that silence with what we think are innocuous questions or comments.


    1. I think my aversion to the greeting has been created from working in the service industry where we were trained in creating small talk that was used to fill the silence (while the computer was thinking) or as a way of building empathy to be able to upsell stuff later on. I also find that now I work in an office it is the first thing someone says to me when they walk up to my desk, and is then quickly followed with ‘can you just’…I think in that case I would prefer the “Hi, would you be able to…”

      As a Brit the weather is the small talk du jour, I once read what would happen if we lived in a world with no weather…what would we talk about?

      I think I prefer the idea to use “how are you” or “how are things” at the end of a conversation…at the beginning it’s going to be cut off with the real reason someone is asking but at the end it shows a commitment to listen to what the responder has to say.


      1. Whenever I worked in an office, I went with your preferred method of “Hey, could you do me a favor and…?” but most people are taught it’s rude to just come out and ask a favor so they pad it with “how are you?” Sometimes I’d say “Hey, are you busy?” and actually wait for the answer. But mostly I’d just ask what I came to ask. But I’m just rude like that. ^_^

        I remember working in retail for a guy from a different country and he was absolutely nonplussed by all of the talk about the weather. He once asked me why everyone talked about the weather and I had to explain small talk to him. He said in his country, everyone asked/talked about their family. Different strokes I guess.


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