Moving from New York to Coventry

In which I wish I could sleep in the city that never does.

Photo of the New York skyline

In the beginning we weren’t going to be here, I should have been writing this on a keyboard without a £ symbol and having to work out the date in the wrong format. When Me and Mrs G first started a’courting we planned to live in New York.

As I now sit opposite an industrial estate in the Midlands and not gazing on the Brooklyn Bridge (like we could afford those rents) it is evident that plan failed. Still even if we can’t live in New York part of my heart is there already.

If we could split our time between where we live now and New York I would jump at the chance, we entered into this Transatlantic partnership knowing that we could not live in a half way house. Mostly because it would have been very wet.

Taken from Mrs G’s blog

Instead we have had to choose to to live the majority of our time in one place,  where we would live to be 50/50 between the two. Unfortunately neither of us has employers that will allow us six months between locations and once The Feliciraptor is of school age she is going to have to be unicuricular.

So it must be that we have to spend most of our life talking to one side of the family on Skype, but also get to spend weeks with them on vacation. Even if we were to move now it would be both good and bad for some people, so in the end we have to live where it is best for us.

Where is that though, every time we visit New York we find a list of reasons we would want to stay, but we have another list for when we get back to the UK. At every point there is a pro and con for living in either locale.

New York or the Industrial Estate? It should be easy to choose, but the reasons it is not make it that we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) want to be anywhere else. In the end it is not the buildings that make the place, it is the people we would have to decide between. That’s why we would be happy to split our time between the two, between our two families.

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

Source: A Tale of Two Cities

Author: geekergosum

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