It’s not getting hot in here

In which I start to turn the heat up

-11c in St Petersburg

The weather in the UK is starting to turn and it is beginning to feel autumnal. Leaves are changing colour and back at the Castle Sum we are having that most awkward and divisive of conversations.

When are we going to start having the heating on.

It’s October so the date criteria has been met (it cannot go on any earlier) but is it just chilly or is it properly cold. Once the thermostat is set then that’s it until spring, so judging the right time is vital. For Mrs G that time is now.

        It's cold she said, 
      I don't want to get out  
     of bed, can't we have the    
     heating on? It is getting 
     chilly, this is silly,why
     can't we have the heating 
     on? It is no longer mild,
     remember your child, just
     have the heating on. What
     if we freeze, hearing our
     daughter sneeze, should I
     turn the heating on. When
     the floors get cold, it's
     getting old, facts are we
     need the heating on. It's
     not nice, our room is now
     as cold as ice, we should
     have the heating on. Turn
     the thermostat, just know
     it's where it's at, it'll
     be better when we out the
     heating on. Your radiator
     is off, our offspring now
     has a cough, now I really
     want the heating on. It's
     not funny, if the reasons
     money, the cost of having
     the heating on. I'll give
     you a thump, when you say
     put a jump, er on just so
     we don't have the heating
    on. There is a frost on the
   car, It's gone a bit too far,
  please now have the heating on.
  For a while, turn up that dial,
  I'd just like the heating on. I
  know it's the right time, it is
  not a crime, it can't be fair I
  will get this heating on. It is
   only for an hour, just when I
    am in the shower, it's nice
       with the heating on.

Now aren’t you glad,
I’m no longer sad,
now we have the heating on.

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

16 thoughts on “It’s not getting hot in here”

  1. This was really creative! I like your concrete shape.

    I also think it’s really fitting as it reminds me of parents or couples arguing about when to put the heating on šŸ™‚ Room temperature can be a deal breaker in relationships haha


    1. Thank you… I purchased way too much time into the shape! The problem is that male/female body temperature is different so of course their is going to be arguments at the point where one is too hot and the other too cold.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. With a thermometre that low you definitely needed to oblige Mrs G…was that her contribution down below the thermometre?

    Good piece! I have this fight with colleagues all the time …he he he


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