Learning to play with others

In which I learn to play nice with the other children.

Messy desk at work

Teamwork, collaboration, playing nicely with others. In my new job these are all traits I’m starting to realise I need to learn.

This has come to light from my new job, mostly I have always been the analyst on a team of marketeers so had lots of control of how I presented the data and a lot of freedom to go and explore. Now I have joined a team of like-minded souls I have gone from big fish to little fish.

Like most things you don’t realise what you had until someone comes along and puts up a parking lot. It’s as simple as being allowed to have control over the colour of the bars on the charts I use. Now I have to negotiate and compromise to create a unified team style, but the style we are choosing sucks.

When I work on my own I can do as I please, and I do what I believe is right and best. Now I have to play with others I have to learn new skills of patience and will need a mouth guard to protect my teeth as I grit them.

I like being left alone, I want to go and find out new things and get my claws into a project. Now I am given tasks from a list based upon the time I have and not what interests me. Anything that does pique my curiosity now has to be discussed and diluted via committee. Either that or I have to follow the guidelines for a process for a task. I don’t learn through rote but through play.

The only upside is that there is competition, I love competing against others as it brings out the best in me. Not necessarily the best aspects but certainly my better work.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to? What is it and what’s stopping you from mastering the skill?

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, BasicallyBeyondBasic!

Author: geekergosum

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