Short on content not ideas

In which I write a list of ideas that I will never get around to.

Vintage style typewriter for writing

I may procrastinate over writing, but one part of blogging I am quite good at is making notes and drafts. Anytime I have a good idea for a three hundred word missive I jot it down, and for the majority of the time when I have a terrible idea I also make a note.

There was a point when I thought I would be all creative and write in a Moleskine notebook, but that fell by the wayside. I would spend so long looking for a pen and piece of paper that I had forgotten by the time I came to scrawl it down.

So going through my ideas and drafts I have the following list of post ideas:

  • Morning
  • Comfort food scale
  • Corporate technology
  • Growing baby clothes
  • Downton is a soap opera
  • What I’ve learnt on the train
  • Unable to give charity
  • need a new shower -­ top sci fi shower scenes?
  • The class system
  • Spoliers… How long after?
  • Shazam for food smells
  • Million dollar ideas
  • Baby Facebook
  • Normal porn
  • Foursquare for diseases
  • User experience vs users
  • Napster pirate bay and piracy
  • Evil on games
  • Entertainment…not thought provoking
  • A guide to Italian Football
  • Five best players I’ve ever seen
  • Socks
  • UK and us comedy
  • being a polymath
  • Half time rim com
  • Childhood libraries
  • Resume Writing
  • Immigration fun
  • Excel for beginners
  • Washing delicates
  • Out of date work computers
  • Logic Fallacies
    • Straw man
    • Texas sharpshooter
  • A face for directions
  • Damaging books
  • Hot baths
  • Never carry anything above a pound
  • School in movies
  • Why frodo is not hero
  • Speculating on alt dating future
  • Meyers of Keswick

Looking at this list I realise the one major error of my note taking, not making notes on my notes. Some of the ideas make sense (Excel for beginners) while others may just be personal notes that got mixed up (Washing delicates).

Thankfully I have plenty of drafts to be going on with (at last count 134 – but most of these are old posts I removed to rewrite), so if anyone wants to borrow some suggestions please feel free.

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

6 thoughts on “Short on content not ideas”

  1. You put way more effort into your writing/blogging than I do. Ha! Even when I had the muse, I figured if it was a good idea, I’d remember it later, or, like this list, if I did scribble something down (usually at 2AM) I wouldn’t remember what it was I was trying to convey with my scribbling. So I stopped. Interesting ideas though…


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