Nothing better than your own bed

In which I try to get comfortable on another mattress but miss my own spot.

Bed in the spare bedroom

Being away always means that you get to come back, well mostly but this isn’t a post about what disasters are likely to befall you whilst you are absent from home. Instead this is a post about what I miss most when I am away from home.

Of course this is easy; I miss my wife and family when I am away from them. Especially as I know this part of my post normally appears on Facebook so will earn me extra points for being all soppy. I’m hoping that the excerpt will end at “them”.

I am always sensitive around sleep, so I will always miss my bed whenever I’m not at home. Actually I can be even more specific than that. It’s not the mattress or bed frame that I pine for, it’s the pillows. The aged pieces of artificial fibres (no feathers due to my asthma) that have separated and reformed, bound together by sweat and skin cells, to fit perfectly to my head. Whenever I go and sleep elsewhere it just isn’t the same.
pillows from my bed

Either you are given a rectangle of overactive fluff that forces you to keep your head at a 90 degree angle or given a thin layer of padding that may just be a really thick pillowcase.

This is exacerbated by the paucity of pillows you are often provided with. I’m not expecting anyone to keep a room full of them on the off chance someone comes to stay, but being provided with two pillows should be a minimum provision by any host (whether amateur or a multi-national conglomerate). With two pillows of varying size you can create three different head heights which should be enough for any discerning sleeper.

I hold a lot of stock in the amount of snooze cushions you are provided with, it’s a sign of a good place to stay if consideration has been taken to how you lay your head at night. I’m sure the rating system of hotels directly correlates to the amounts of pillows placed on the bed (with three stars starting at one). I can only imagine how many you would get at the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Actually I can, you would get one, and the remaining efforts would be the decorative cushions that Mrs G makes me buy for our bed to make it “look nice” (which I have to throw on the floor at night and pick up every morning).

Author: geekergosum

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