One year on…

In which I keep messing with my blog rather than adding to it.

Vintage style typewriter for writing

I woke up to a reminder that it has been one year since the Red Posting, the day when I went all Lannister on this site and removed every post from the last few years. The reasons why I did it are now a bit of a blur, normally the destruction of this site is accompanied by a downturn in my mood, because on this occasion I had no reason send everything to the trash bin.

Since then I have been slowly rebuilding the site to be a better version. I can’t remember which one I am on now because I have been through as many cycles of rebirth and destruction as The Matrix. This time it does feel a bit like the ending to that trilogy, the cycle may have been broken but it has probably left a bunch of people disappointed.

Now one year on from the ‘do-over’ I’m not sure what has really changed. The number of posts is at a similar volume, and the quality is just as erratic, but I have become more regular at putting something up here (so far I am on track with the Daily Post challenge, beating my previous record by eight months).

Returning to the Game of Thrones analogy, I did not do a complete Castamere job on this site as I have not wiped everything from the face of the internet. Regular readers (and certainly Mrs G) will have noticed a certain amount of Déjà vu (back to the Matrix again). That’s because I have cheated.

One of the decisions I made was that I want to revisit my old witterings and update them and give them a little polish. Where I can I have used old posts, and there are still 90 odd sitting in my drafts. Looking back there are a lot of time-critical ones (like my commentary on the ending of Mass Effect 3) but where I can salvage I try.

That’s because I am still breaking this site. I can’t sit still.

I’ve just changed the theme (again) and I’m in the process of redoing all the images and tags. It drives Mrs G to insanity because as soon as I finish one big do-over I start the process again. I even caught myself thinking about moving over to (which would be the fourth time) even though I always come back to the .com community.

In the end the reason I do all this is purely selfish, I love the fact that people read this but I never write to get views. I eschew the recommended advice to find a topic or niche and go for it. I would love to get on Freshly Pressed or have someone go viral but I don’t have the talent or the drive to make this any more than a hobby.

I kind of enjoy the process of posting, of breaking things and putting them together, so whenever I get to a place of comfort my finger starts to inch towards the delete button. In the end a do-over is so I can do it all over again.

Perhaps I should make it an annual event…

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