A life in bed

In which I wish to be a bed tester when I grow up.

Bed in the spare bedroom

Apparently I am a sleeping Stradivarius, this is the opinion of Mrs G who is constantly frustrated at my crazy desire to obtain more than seven hours sleep. Given that this would be sixty minutes more a day it would only equate to losing a year and a half of awake time over the next forty years.

As an adult I currently operate on 85% of my preferred sleep time, with the rest of the day spent complaining that I am tired. Sleep and tiredness dominate my life more than any other Sims life based requirement (with the possible exception of bladder).

This weekend we will be able to catch up on some of the lost hours (and I know that Sleep-debt is a myth) but this will be offset by a later bedtime, but this weekend I’ll be able to regress to being a teenager again.

The Feliciraptor is staying at Grandma-G’s and Casa-G will be rearranged so we can move the TV from the front room to the foot of our bed. Not since I was a teenager have I had a permanent TV in the room, although this may be because I had a house to myself so could watch whatever I wanted in the living room.

TV at the bottom of the bed

I can live the adolescent life again by waking up at whenever o’clock on Saturday and flicking on the telly. In my teenage years I’d be happy to wake at 11am to watch Gazetta Football Italia, but all I get now are cooking shows which means I get hungry and have to think about making breakfast (and without taking a George Foreman grill upstairs means leaving the comfort of bed).

Life was even better as a child as I had even less responsibility for sleeping. As a teenager and adult I have to organise my own bedtimes, but as a child I could be told to go and get more sleep. The Feliciraptor currently has 12 hours (although it is getting to the point where the first few are spent singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ and ‘Row, Row’ to the assortment of animals).

Feliciraptor bedtime party
The aftermath of a Bedtime Party

Still I have more life to live now. It’s not just going to school or work, an early night used to mean I would miss a TV programme but now it means missing something more. The reason Mrs G (who is a notoriously bad at bedtime and doesn’t deserve the well-behaved sleep routine of the Feliciraptor – poor Nana-G, karma has missed this one) dislikes early nights are because she is worried she may miss something and sleeping is boring.

It may be my sleep-deprived brain (and the hope she hasn’t read this far), but I do agree with her. Being a tired adult for the rest of my life is better than being a well rested child.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.”

If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, raamata!

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

3 thoughts on “A life in bed”

    1. I have no problem with staying up as long as possible, but when our time to wake up is fixed at 6am some compromise is needed between staying awake and wasting the next day because we are too tired to do anything. It is the argument of having 17 hours awake but able to do fun stuff, or 18 hours awake but feeling too lethargic.

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