Ideas for bacon recipes

In which I prove that the best thing about bacon is that it makes all foods better.

Slices of bacon

There is no proper food that bacon cannot make better. Try it, Bacon & Sausage, Bacon & Steak, Bacon & Chicken, Bacon & Bacon. All works, all made better by the introduction of more bacon. Regular readers will know that for me bacon is an important part of my diet and what I consider a “freebie” (in the same way others consider celery or lettuce of no calorific value).

I will start with an important clarification, mostly what I am talking about here is what I call ‘proper bacon’. This is the kind that has more that 10% meat on and isn’t just fat. Not saying there is any thing wrong with that ‘bacon’ but it’s not ‘proper bacon’.

Bacon comparison between back and streaky bacon

To show you how versatile bacon is I have a few handy bacon recipes.

Bacon Garlic Bread.

A Slice of garlic bread with bacon on topThe marriage of two of the greatest food stuffs known to humanity. To bacon-up your garlic bread all you need to simply do is stick a slice of bacon on top before it is put in the oven. They say the greatest ideas are the simple and this is simply great.

Bacon Cottage Pie

Cottage pie with bacon on top
For those unfamiliar with a cottage pie, it is minced beef with mashed potatoes on top. For this recipe you will need a frozen ready meal version. To prepare place a slice of bacon on top and put in the oven.

If this does not sate your desire for bacon then remove the frozen cottage pie from the container and place some extra slices on the base. Surprise bacon!

The Swineapple

Bacon around a pineapple with pork in the middle
This is the Swineapple, one of the most spectacular food discoveries I have ever made…and the topic of a future post (with full instructions!)

Bacon and Gravy

Slices of bacon with gravy
Fry bacon and make some gravy, presto you have bacon dippers. A healthy and nutritious meal, if you do want to be a bit more health conscious you could grill the bacon.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ingredients.”

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

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