Lunchtime Review : The Cottage Pie Sandwich

In which I combine meat, potatoes and bread.

Cottage pie sandwich

The Menu.

Ingredients: Cottage pie and bread

Preparation: A moment of inspiration

Cost: Nothing, but my genius


There are pivotal moments culinary history where everything changed. The first time that someone stuffed pig flesh back inside its intestinal lining and fried it, or the person who took a strong-smelling member of the onion family and put it on bread. These oven-shattering events have bought joy and pleasure to stomachs throughout the years.Last night I had one of those moments, a flash of taste inspiration that I believe has the potential to reinvent the sandwich. Not in the “take one piece of bread away and now you have an open sandwich way” (that’s just half a sandwich) but in a way that reverbs all the way to the tomb of John Montagu.May I introduce the cottage Pie sandwich.


“That’s just a sloppy joe” Mrs G tells me, as I am not familiar with this American sandwich I enquire as to what a sloppy Joe is. Apparently its beef mince in a sandwich. That means what I have created is not a sloppy Joe. It’s better than that.It’s as though I am the Willy Wonka of the lunch world. Whereas the crazed chocolatier was working on a chewing gum that encompassed a three course meal, with some blueberry problems, I decided that for lunch all you want is the main.

So I have taken a one course meal, put it in bread and made… A one course meal. In bread.

This is as big as the discovery of stromboli.

I took last night’s cottage pie leftovers and spread them on a slice like really thick and meaty butter. Put the top slice on, cut down the middle and voilà.

It contains three of the important food groups. Mashed potatoes, meat and gravy. There is also a hint of red wine, oh and some carrots for the vegetarians.
Perfect. The potential for the development of the “meal in a sandwich” is endless. As well as the cottage pie sandwich it is only a small leap to the Shepard’s pie sandwich.


(Side story: One of the Sister-G’s proudly announced that she was going to make a “cottage pie but with lamb mince” we tried to explain that it already had a name but she was having none of it)

How about putting in a fisherman’s pie? Or pizza. The logical conclusion is just putting a pie in between two slices of bread, or for a more geometrically pleasing lunch try a bread roll.

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