How to not pack and fold clothes

In which I pinch the shoulder and pull to the waist.

Sheldon folding a t shirt

Mrs G and the Feliciraptor are going away, not permanently but just for a few days to see some good friends in the lovely city of Berlin. So as I sit here doing nothing Mrs G is currently surrounding herself with piles of clothes as she tries to narrow down her wardrobe to just five days worth of outfits.

I hate packing, perhaps even more so than unpacking, because it is just boring. It’s boring and important, which means that I have zero interest in doing it but I have to be fully concentrated on the task at hand. It is also too much like one of the other jobs I have and loathe; putting away laundry.

I’m very good at keeping the washing under control. Saturday morning is laundry day and I have my baskets lined up to set the washing machine going. I have my simple system of the 50% darkest items are darks and the rest are the lights/colours. Even if they are white, because white is a colour and we don’t on enough of these items to justify a separate load.

The part that causes me the most angst is not the putting the clothes in the washer or taking them out and placing them in the dryer, it’s the putting them away. No, it’s not the putting them away…it is the folding.

So much folding, and preparing to fold clothes, and doing them the right way, and making sure none are inside out, and then the putting them away.

I can only tolerate this by finding cool and imaginative ways to fold clothes such as this way I do my t-shirts:

This is how I manage such tasks, try to find the most efficient way to do it. Make the fun part be how quickly and easily I can get it done so I can do more interesting activities. How quickly can I match my socks, can I get the shirts all facing the right way on their hangers.

It is the same when I pack, plan everything out for the number of days I am out and then pack similar items together. It is then a game of how compartmentalized can I put them in, can I make it so that shirts fit neatly in, and then the trousers. Can I put the shirts at the top of the case and trousers below so I can use the suitcase as a clothes dispenser?

No matter what game I play I will still hate doing it, because it is another one of those jobs that gets done so you can do another job at a later point (the unpacking). Plus it’s going to need to be done again when it comes to going home. No matter what I try I will never get into the zone doing it, because all I want to do is anything else.

Then once the packing-unpacking-packing-unpacking is all over I still can’t relax. There will be a suitcase of laundry to get done, and that mean’s more folding clothes.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

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