Travelogue : The land of Nod

In which I can’t get no sleep wherever I am.

Bed in the spare bedroom

The most inconvenient part about going on holiday is that often the places you want to go to are so far away. This means that you have to adjust to a completely different time zone which takes, well, and time to get used to. Rather than seeing all the sights of the Far East I am spending my time dozing on the Beach in the Land of Nod.

It affects me quite hard, I have sat wide awake in a hotel room in central Shanghai at 4am thinking about how I should be sleeping, while my body is arguing that it is only twenty past nine at night.

I know that come 8pm China time I would be falling into bed exhausted from a days sight seeing, yet it will be more likely that my messed up body clock will grind to a halt midday as it thinks that I should be tucked up in bed back in England.

Complicating this sleeping on holiday scenario are the ‘lost nights’ I suffer flying eastwards. A twelve hour flight feels like it takes nineteen due to the time difference and whenever I’m on a Red Eye (even though flying close to the Arctic circle means we never really fly through night) it often means I lose a good night’s sleep. I can never sleep on planes, only doze.

I wonder what the time difference is in the Land of Nod?

So I have to sit counting down the hours till bedtime, or dinner, or breakfast. Trying to reach milestones of awakeness while my whole body is rebelling against me to just go to sleep. It doesn’t matter if I’m in New York, Beijing or Greece I still want to wake and eat at the same time as my home time zone.

Still, I’ve never been as tired as when I went to China, the following is an extract from my China travelogue:

This explains why my trousers are wet, having dropped off while holding a cup of tea and pouring it all over myself. Thanks to the dull witted reactions that come with being half conscious it was just long enough to let it soak into my clothes before I could do anything about it.

What can I do about this sleep conundrum? I would search the internet for tips, but I am stuck behind the Great Firewall without WiFi so can’t look for any advice. The whiskey in the mini bar could help but I don’t feel like taking out a mortgage just to reach the land of nod.
I wonder what the time difference is in the Land of Nod?

So know I am counting down the hours till breakfast. A meal I am not entirely friendly with as it often eats into my precious lie in time. Yet I shall stick with the holiday tradition of having the most important meal on the first day, and because once my body clock is back to something resembling normalcy I doubt I’ll be getting up early again.

In the meantime I shall sit here in the dark, and thousands of miles from home, waiting for the wake up call I don’t need.

Author: geekergosum

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