Lunchtime Review : Roast Dinner Sandwich

In which I stick a whole meal in a sandwich.

Roast potatoes and roast chicken in a sandwich

The Menu.

Ingredients: Everything from a roast dinner.

Preparation: Lots of time cooking, not long sandwiching

Cost: Free, leftovers are zero cost


A while back I discovered a sandwich that was advertised as a Roast Dinner sandwich, I was fully expecting it to take over the world. I was living in a Sarnie 2.0 reality. Unfortunately it seems that it was a false dawn in subwayology (they paid for the rights to name the art of sandwich making).


It doesn’t matter, many missteps have been made in the name of progress. Remember the Apple Newton or the Dreamcast? They were ahead of their time, and maybe that sandwich was as well, but now I feel that we are ready for the future. I’m making a play for the Roast Sarnie, it’s magical.

Roast Dinner Sandwich Recipe

It’s also very easy, in fact for the first time in a Lunchtime Review I’m giving the recipe.

What you will need:

2 slices of bread

1 roast dinner

1. Put roast dinner between two slices of bread.

See, it’s super simple, maybe I should have a GES cookbook? The strange thing about the great simple ideas is that it often takes a leap of genius to get there. I this case I’m didn’t make that jump but I’m claiming the credit for it. It worked for Steve Jobs.

The hardest part in making the sandwich was restraint. To be able to make a decent meal I needed to save some of the roast chicken Me and Mrs G had for dinner. This chicken was tasty and just enough for two, which means if I wanted some meat between my flaps of bread I would have to hold back from stuffing it in my mouth first. Sitting staring at the breast meat in front of me, and not rubbing my face in them required a lot of will power.


What makes this an amazing sandwich, and not just a very good one is my butter alternative. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a few times but butter is quite fatty, and margarine a bit bland, so a great alternative is gravy. The gravy used on this meal is 25% gravy granules, 25% water and 50% whatever came out of the chicken. Technically this means it’s high in fat and salt, but it’s also 250% of your RDA for taste so it’s all (pardon the pun) gravy.

If only I had patented it…

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