Lunchtime Review : Last night’s meatballs

In which I wrap up my cold balls for lunch.

Meatballs and cheese in a tortilla wrap

The Menu.

Ingredients: Beef Meatballs in tomato sauce wrap.

Preparation: The remnants of last night’s dinner.

Cost: Free, because waste not want not.


We’re back to cooking for two but eating for four, one culinary skill I have yet to learn is the ability to size out portions. Inevitably I’ll end up with not enough vegetables (what a shame) and too much meat (if that is at all possible).

So for lunch today I have the remnants of a At-Home-Date-Night to munch on, the aftermath of a lovely Italian meal cooked at home.


It’s a bit fancier than my normal ham sandwich but it’s tastier because it’s made with love. Actually it’s made with fresh pasta and a nice tomato sauce as love has that weird sweet and sour taste that puts me off a lot of Chinese dishes. I also promise it was a bit nicer looking than the photo makes it appear.

Mrs G has been busy with work and this has resulted in a few nights slumming it in front of the TV with some pretty uninspired meals and I thought it would be nice to do something a bit more fancy.

As neither of us was inclined to go out (and also the additional cost of just a simple meal) we decided to have a night in that’s a bit posher than just a night in.

I’ve never subscribed to the need to go big with romance, for a start it’s bloomin’ tiring and very quickly escalates as you try to top your last big event. Just cooking with each other, putting on a shirt and eating at the table is sometimes enough.

Best of all it’s not really that difficult. It may take a few seconds longer to put on a shirt than pull something on over your head. It’s no more effort to sit at the table, and it may take a bit longer to cook from scratch but what else have you got going on to distract you?


Eating at a table is a nice gesture that we try to do it as much as possible with the Feliciraptor. It is a bit more tricky to cook for 2.5 but getting to watch her tuck into real food instead of jar mush is so rewarding. The only problem is that it is cutting down the amount of leftovers we can use.

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