A case of deja vu

In which I try not to repeat myself.

The Thinker by Rodin

Sometimes I feel like I’m just repeating myself, maybe it is a glitch in the matrix or life is just a great big circle? The laundry seems to be never ending, and another day another load of toys to tidy away. One more trip to the stores and another hour or so to chill out.

Normally I get to relax by doing a little bit of writing, but again it seems like what is old is new again. Especially with today’s writing prompt which was last seen just a few weeks ago. So now I can either cheat and repost it or I need to think of something new.

Life is just basically a series of reposts with the occasional new prompt, the day to day drudgery is the filler to the really cool parts. A bit lice rice or pasta. It would be great to just have meatballs but it’s not really  going to fill you up so you need some carbs. It’s like icing on a cake, although this metaphor falls down because I love cake more than icing.

Or maybe  it’s not a flawed metaphor, because I enjoy being able to relax doing the same thing everyday. Sometimes being able to turn your brain off and copying and pasting yesterday’s activities allows you breathing time. Life is a marathon so you can’t sprint at it all the time otherwise you are going to end up on the side of a road throwing up and pooping yourself.

I’ve cheated and repeated myself numerous times, in fact I have a whole month planned where I’m ctrl+x’ing from my past (this month is going to be Lunchtime Review month!) because sometimes I struggle to have an imaginative thought in my head. So when you have to come up with 365 different ideas to get people to write about I can sympathise a little.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Coming To a Bookshelf Near You.”

Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

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