The Great British Republic

In which I’m inclined to remove the yoke.

Royal Family on a balcony

I have an issue with the Royal Family. I’m sure as people they are perfectly nice, even casually racist Phil or politically-meddling organic Charlie, it’s just the institution they represent is an archaic throwback to olden times.

As a nation we have our next three heads of state planned out for us. Imagine any other country who was so certain of the line of succession, how could they call themselves a modern democracy. Instead of questioning this embarrassment of a political system we fawn over their babies as if it they are the second coming. Instead of worshipping the aristocracy it is now time to think about abolishing the monarchy.

The whole saga of “Britain’s next Baby” (aka Will Sprog II) has finally tipped the scales, we cannot go around the world preaching the democracy of a General Election when we don’t even elect our Head of State. You might think that it is cute we have a monarch, but it is to them that the police, our judiciary, our army and our parliament pledge allegiance to. The instruments of security and law are not beholden to the wishes of the people but to a family who inherited their power.

To form a government that has been elected by the demos the chosen man or woman has to go to Buckingham Palace to beg to be allowed to implement the will of the country. Imagine if a Republican Party was elected, could you imagine QE2 doing this? Would Charles?

The reason we still have a monarchy is that they agreed to stay out of politics and remain neutral. For her part Liz has done this, her son is another matter. He regularly lobbies politicians on his interests, including some hefty income from his inherited estates, and then demands that they remain private. Whenever he wants to keep one of his letters to ministers hidden he goes to court to get the information blocked, the same courts that have pledged allegiance to the crown.

Hey, do remember that time when Edward VIII was really chummy with Hitler and was going to be King of England when the Nazis completed Operation Sea Lion? How quaint this family is.

Instead of a serious discussion about the validity of a hereditary ruler that flies in the face of democracy and any semblance of meritocracy we are threatened with the terrible outcomes of what would happen if we vacated Buckingham Palace. Tourism would collapse and….er…some years we might not get an extra bank holiday to celebrate a wedding.

Ignoring the fact that these are obvious lies (it’s very rare the Palace is open for tourists and people would still come to see the sight in the same way we still go to Rome despite the lack of Caesars) we pay for the lifestyle of a very wealthy family. Income from their estates runs into the millions and its only recently that we’ve asked them to pay tax. Did you know that on average a member of the Royal Family lives 15 years longer than the average serf, sorry citizen.

Mrs G has noted that we are a nation obsessed by class, and having an aristocracy at the top reinforces this system. It says that our head should be the son (or if no boy is available a girl, but not a catholic) of the reigning monarch. Off the top of my head I can think of another country like that, North Korea. In fact just writing this post could be construed as treason, and although Her Majesty’s private police force might not take action (although as they are more interested in cracking down on social media than actual policing of crime who knows) some of her loyal subjects might.

Oliver Cromwell, by Robert Walker (died 1658)....

Facebook and Twitter are rife with viewpoints from the Monarchists (let’s call them Cavaliers) and the opposing forces (shall we say Roundheads). It should be quite clear by now where I stand, and yes some of my rhetoric may have been quite direct but I honestly believe that there is no good reason for us to continue with the system we have. I see none of the benefits of monarchy outweighing it’s removal. I refuse to be have my nation or my citizenship defined by one family whose continued presence is a throwback to pre-industrial times.

We are not Great Britain because of the Royal’s, the birth of a child has not elevated us up above other nations, I am not to lay prostrate and worship at the altar of my future King. There is nothing about it or that family that make them better than me other than their birth line. I want what is best for my country and if doing so makes me unpatriotic then, well I don’t know how to respond to that because it is the equivalent of stating “you smell”. I am not unpatriotic, nor should I emigrate just because I am not interested in a regal birth.

It is not unpatriotic to disagree with the existing system of governance, for if it was then anyone who does not agree with the privatisation of the NHS, the reducing of taxes to the rich, the cuts to the disabled and needy should also think about moving as well. It is after all the will of Her Majesty’s government you are disagreeing with.

I’m not as mean hearted to not offer congratulations to any couple who have had a baby, I’ve not made any fuss over the other 1,700 babies born that day (who will now not be defined by their own lives but by being born at the same time as Prince Whatever), I just don’t see the need to celebrate a throwback to history. Let us throw off the  shackles of a conservative aristocratic demagogy and let Britain move into the modern world and have its greatness defined by the actions of the Brunels, Darwins, Newtons, Shakespeares, Nightingales, Berner-Lees, Froomes and the every day folk whose lives are never recorded for posterity.

It is them who put the Great into Great Britain


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