One of my plans this year is to travel more, or at least the same amount as last year. In 2013 I managed to go to New York and Greece and I’m happy to say that I am being incredibly consistent by replicating the same vacations this year.

In fact even before the end of January I am all booked up for the year and only now need to worry about paying for it and getting the time off work. At least I have the tickets, well I have the emails that now represent the tickets. It is nice to think that I will be spending Easter in the States and July roasting on a Corfunian beach.

The dark and dank winter months can be very sapping on the morale, especially for someone from a more southerly latitude like Mrs G. So knowing that in three months we’ll be on holiday, and then another three months till we are again, is a nice morale boost.

You may be sitting there wondering how much money I make from blogging to be able to afford all this, but all I advise is that a minimal social life combined with a reluctance to take out credit means we are able to put some money away each month to be able to go on the internet and look for flights.

Technically the Trans-Atlantic flight isn’t a vacation, we are heading to New York for the christening of Baby G and will be spending the time with family. I’ve now been so many times that I no longer feel like a sightseer and the two weeks we are going for this time will be the longest I have ever stayed. I will be able to enjoy the city as I will have got used to the time difference by the return flight (however I am not looking forward to the jet lag when I get back)…(or the baby’s jet lag)…(or my jet lag with the baby’s jet lag).

Corfu will be a holiday, and one with family as well. Along with what will be an eight month baby we will be spending a week with one Grandma and a gaggle of aunts. The paddling pool is being packed as we take Baby G for the first, and definitely not the last, time to the land of Mythos and Sun. This will be a personal throwback to the days when as a youngster I would go on holiday with my grandparents, so I’m looking forward to not having to buy ice-creams and putting Baby G on a chair and explaining that "this is our holiday as well as yours".

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