Sweet Sixteen

We are all getting old, even if we age at different rates. I came up with this idea when my Nan kept complaining about the aging process, after all when she reached her 80th birthday she was increasing in years by 1.25% whereas my thirtieth birthday represented an increase of 3.3%. I was getting older at twice the rate she was.

I am now also of the age where my youth is nostalgia. Every day I see an article on the "465 ways to tell you are a child of June 1980" or "Amazingly these songs are now 9,000 days old" to help me feel that soon the History channel will start sepia-tinted documentaries of my childhood.

I’m only kidding of course, the History channel is no longer interested in the past instead showing Nazi UFO’s or Pawn Ice Axes.

To think that half my lifetime ago I was sixteen seems strange, as much time has passed since Star Wars began and Independence Day than Romeo + Juliet and Wolf of Wall Street. In 1980 ABBA, Blondie and St Winifred’s School Choir topped the charts. When I was 16 it was the Spice Girls, Fugees (being No 1 not one time, but two time) and Hanson (a much better girl band than the Spices).

I had just begun my GCSEs and was about to make choices that would define my life in terms of my studies, well they would have been vital if I didn’t decide to just make up my life instead. By my birthday this year I will have spent more time in the world of employment than I did in education.

Age is funny like that, it doesn’t stand still no matter how hard we try to cover it. Potions and creams are no more effective in the long run than standing with your finger in the dike. I find it strange that a lot of people spending their youth trying to look older and their adulthood trying to be younger.



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  2. Does time seem to go by faster when we are young (remember how short school holidays seemed?) because our total recollection of perceived time is smaller… Or is this just another trick of aging? Either way, I enjoyed your post. I especially like the commentaries on the History Channel. I guess something quite similar could be said for MTV.

    • I think time works like the doppler effect, anything in the future seems to take ages to arrive but then whizzes away in the past. The further behind the faster it seems to have disappeared. In years to come I will have to tell my daughter that the M stood for music, and they used to have videos on there. She will think I’m talking crazy.

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