Road rage


Now I have to drive to work I’ve remembered the one positive point about being on the train. Not having to deal with other road users. Having to play dodgems on the motorway is always a fun past time and even more so at rush hour.

This makes me look forward to tomorrow’s trip to the hospital which involves travelling on one of the busiest roads in Coventry, to one of the most riduculous junctions at the busiest time of the day. Added to that there are massive roadworks. The alternative is a drive through the city centre and take on the monstrosity that is the Coventry Ring Road.

So to get it out of my system early, here are some of the things that drive me mad while in my car. Be warned…crass stereotyping ahead.

  • Women drivers not letting you out of junctions.
  • Male drivers jumping out in front of you at junctions.
  • Drivers of German engineered cars who won’t vorsprung Durch technik and use their indicators.
  • Middle lane hogs.
  • Fast lane hogs.
  • Slow lane hogs.
  • Lorries and bus drivers. Yes you are bigger…yes I would come of worse in a crash. But it is your livelihood you are gambling on.
  • People on bikes who opt in and out of the highway code as and when it suits them.
  • Under courteous drivers
  • Over courteous drivers
  • Not acknowledging I just made a manoeuvre to your benefit (like letting you in)
  • Queue jumpers.
  • People who let queue jumpers in.
  • Drivers who ignore lanes at junctions and go where they want.
  • Pink cars.
  • Highway agency vehicles (stop pretending you are the police).
  • Pedestrians.
  • Stupid traffic light patterns.
  • Crossings as you exit a roundabout.
  • Rubber neckers that cause delays by looking at an accident they can’t see.
  • Traffic signals that have no basis in fact. (There is no congestion. It will not take me 15 minutes to get to junction 3. There is no fraking debris in the road.)

The crazy thing…I pay for this privilege. I voluntarily put petrol in a car that I paid for, and set off every morning knowing there are idiots waiting to ruin my day by causing road rage at their utter stupidity. The lack of empathy for other drivers and the absence of common decency.

That just makes me mad.


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