WordPress for Dummies


Cover of "WordPress For Dummies"

For the last week I have been reading the excellent WordPress For Dummies, partly to get more ideas on how to run this blog but also to produce my first Saturday For Dummies post.

So what have I learnt about how to use this blogging platform? I thought I was fairly adept at it all until I go to the section on coding. I know nothing about code, with the exception of a bit of VBA so I had to stop after chapter five (I’ve added PHP For Dummies and CSS Web Design For Dummies to my list though!)

What I learnt this week: Continue reading

Lunchtime review : Leftover Dominos Pizza

Food Cold Pizza

Food Cold Pizza

What : Ham & Pineapple and Meatalicious pizza

From : Dominos

Cost : £5.50 (part of a meal deal)

Thoughts : After spending an hour driving around Birmingham in a circle I decided that it was too late to cook for myself and that I needed an alternative. Despite being the ‘Second City’ it is very difficult to find a take away that you can park at in the city centre, if there are any good ones in the first place. Continue reading

My email history


Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

Losing my virginity.

Do you remember your first?I remember mine, it was 1998 and was the first time I had even thought of doing anything like it. For most of us it was something special, a life changing experience. Some people have stayed faithful to theirs while others, including myself, have flitted and flirted with many others until they finally reach a stage where they feel the need to settle down.

Yet there I was, about to enter a whole new world. As a street urchin once told a hyper-sexualised princess it was a dazzling place I never knew. A hundred thousand things to see, shimmering, shining, gleaming. Sat there in my bedroom I decided that I was ready, it was time to become a man. On that fateful 20th century night I signed up for my first email address. Continue reading

GeekErgoSum for Dummies


Cover of "WordPress For Dummies"

The world is full of stupid people; the results of elections and the popularity of certain TV shows are evidence on this. One publisher has spotted a niche in the market and has guides on everything dummies may want. Look in any bookstore and most sections you will see books with yellow spines declaring a quick and easy guide to that particular subject.

Amazon For Dummies.

This weekend I was looking around for a book on Excel dashboards (and have found one – Excel Dashboards for Dummies) but then ended up on Amazon stumbling around the ‘For Dummies’ section. There are loads of them; a quick check says there are over 1,600 different titles.

This piqued my curiosity, what else could I learn about through the medium of Richard Tennant cartoons (is it just me or does anyone else first scan through to find the 5th Wave captions) and lists of ten things? What areas of my knowledge could be enhanced from dummy status? Continue reading

Lunchtime review : Sri Lankan chicken and aubergine chutney

Food sri lankan chicken

Food sri lankan chicken

What : Sri Lankan style Chicken and aubergine chutney sandwich

From : Boots

Cost : £3.29 (part of a meal deal)

Thoughts : To celebrate the test series about to start in Sri Lanka I thought I should try out one of Boots’ special Around the World sandwiches. These tastes of the exotic always worry me as how do I really know that what I am eating is authentic? Continue reading

When the world, leaves you feeling blue – S Club 7 Reunite


Don’t stop moving S Club 7 in 2002. L-R, back row: Rachel Steven...

After all the reunifications of mediocre pop groups finally the big one has come back together, music bosses didn’t stop movin’ and reached into their pockets because they know…there ain’t no party like a S Club party

Hannah, Rachel, Tina, Jo, Jon, Bradley and the other guy have reformed to make this summer of awesome just that much better. If I could quantify it I would say that 2012 has improved 63%. Forget the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee finally Britain has something to celebrate.

“The guys have been inundated with approaches and offers over the past three years, but always said no,” according to mysterious source, perhaps a kindly old relative. Continue reading

Britannia Airways


Britannia Airways Boeing 767, Birmingham Inter...

Your exits are here…

Sounding classier than it actually was, Britannia Airways was the package holiday charter aircraft of choice. If you were on a BY flight you were likely to be going to Spain or Greece. This was not a code you would really find on the boards at LAX or JFK. If you were on a Britannia flight you were going on a Thomson’s holiday (mainly due to the fact they were owned by the Thomson Group).

This was as cheap and cheerful as airlines came when I was young, before the internet decided to drive flight operators into more obscene ways of making money like charging for using the toilets or wings on the plane.

At the time this was the only way to fly for thousands of Brit holidaymakers, and during the 1980’s was the largest charter airline in the UK. Lines of blue tailed aircraft with silhouette of Britannia herself were common sights at most British airports, as well as those on the Costa Brava or Canaries. They always seemed to exude more style than the garish yellows of Monarch Airlines. Continue reading