Thanksgiving in the UK

As a Brit there are very few unique holidays than can be attributed to these isles, and very few that would be known worldwide. The closest we have is Guy Fawkes Night where we celebrate the arrest and torture of a catholic who tried to blow up the protestant king by burning effigies and releasing fireworks in the freezing November rain.


This isn’t my first Thanksgiving, I had that pleasure a few years ago when I went to visit the then Future Mrs Geek Ergo Sum in New York. Not only was it my first experience of the American ‘Holiday Season’ but it was also the first time I would be meeting her family.

Now that we are both married with child and living in the UK everything seems different to her. Normally in America they would be building up to Thanksgiving whereas over here we are already getting into the Christmas spirit. I’m already thinking about a large turkey dinner but not until the end of December. The chance of having another one a month before hand has got me excited. Continue reading Thanksgiving in the UK

Saving Money Expert, or Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

I’m no saving money expert, nor am I FSA regulated, so I am not sure how helpful I can be to help you, the 99%, survive in this downturn economy (if you are reading this from the UK welcome to the double dip recession).

In reality saving money is easy. Don’t spend it and your money, like Mr Benn’s shopkeeper, will magically appeal. The problem is that the economy is measured by looking at how much stuff has been bought. If no one buys anything we end up with the recession we are in at the moment. I guess what I’m saying is that to save money you should spend it and then we’ll all be better off.

You may not have much spare cash, so what can you do to make your money go further? Well here is the GeekErgoSum solution to your cashflow woes.

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Never forget, or I Can’t Stay Mad at You

They say life is too short to hold a grudge, but it’s also to short to try and maintain an unhappy peace. I’ve had my life’s big fallout and it taught me an important lesson, it is not easy to forgive or forget.

I’m also not sure I want to.

I know too many people who get burnt time and again because they forgave some for their misdemeanours only to see a repeat of the original offence. They may have been fooled once but to be fooled a second time? We are told that to err is human and to forgive divine, well due to my lack of omnipotence I’m not going to let those who trespass against me off the hook.
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Fantasy Dinner Party, or Seat Guru

Most of my dinner parties are fictional, I’m really struggling to remember a real-life one I’ve either attended or hosted. I’m not sure what this says about myself, perhaps I am on a list of wanted dinner guests…least wanted. So without a real one to get a bottle of wine for, I may as well host one for a bunch of imaginary diners.

Invites have been accepted and dinner is ready to be served, so please allow me to introduce my guests (if you can’t guess already):

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Speaking Right, or Non-Regional Diction

It has been said that Britain and America are separated by a common language, but this completely ignores the 3,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean that happens to be between us. That’s a testable and provable fact; I checked it out myself when I flew over it.

Me and Mrs G have discussed the education of any children in America and some of the quirks of Anglo-American conventions on language came to light. In the interests of cross-Pond special relations I made some effort to compromise with my Stateside girlfriend and agreed that any progeny could use Americanisms, I would just choose to shun and ignore them if they did.

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Across the Wide Ocean, or A Tale of Two Cities

In the beginning we weren’t going to be here, I should have been writing this on a keyboard without a £ symbol and having to work out the date in the wrong format. When Me and Mrs G first started a’courting we planned to live in New York.

As I now sit opposite an industrial estate in the Midlands and not gazing on the Brooklyn Bridge (like we could afford those rents) it is evident that plan failed. Still even if we can’t live in New York part of my heart is there already.

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Playing the Bad Guy, or It Builds Character

Being a somewhat occasional amatuer thespian (not to the point where I am out every night as once a week rehearsals are my limit, I like to see my family from time to time) there are a number of juicy roles to be trod on the boards.

All the roles I covet have something similar about them, the first being their musical roles. For all the will in the world I am never going to be a singer, I am more deaftone than baritone, so why would I want to play I role I can never do justice to?

It may be due to wanting to play the crazy, mad, and bad guy.

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Feeling it works, or The Power of Touch

The Feliciraptor will grow up in a world where the most important texture is smooth glass. The touchscreen is becoming ubiquitous and will be the form factor that my child will be using to interact with the technology around her.

She will play on tablets and phones, and possibly never know that books can come in paper as well. She will be accustomed to something happening whenever she presses what looks like a screen, it will have to move as she expects or it will seem broke. Just as my generation seems to have an intuitive sense of how a computer mouse works the touch interface will just work because that’s how it works.

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They shall inherit, or The Outsiders

I spent many years thinking that I was different from others, mostly because very few seemed to share the same interests that I did. This was a time pre-Internet where the lot of the geek was to go out and find like-minded individuals (against the Geek Code article VII/b – “Thou shall not be inclined to meet new people”) or accept a life on hobby-solitude.

I could be a collector of ‘something’ as long as it was Panini stickers of footballers, and if I had an encyclopedic knowledge of any TV show there would be no outlet other than the odd question on a quiz. I could be obsessed by Jurassic Park but that was because of the dinosaurs rather than the exciting (if somewhat flawed) science behind it.

Until recently being a geek was being an outsider, all geeks felt like this until a few geeks decided that if they wanted a way of getting in touch with other geeks they would need to find their own way to do so.
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It’s all an act, or The Great Pretender

A lot of living is pure bravado, there are enough challenges and setbacks each and every day that if you let it affect you then you would be a shuddering mess in the corner.

I manage to get through the day by pretending, if I didn’t it would make the day that much harder. Sometimes I have to pretend to be a calm and serene individual and this allows me to get through the morning commute, and then sometimes I have to pretend I know what I am talking about.

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