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    An ounce of home

    Being away always means that you get to come back, well mostly but this isn’t a post about what disasters are likely to befall you whilst you are absent from home. Instead this is a post about what I miss most when I am away from home.

    Of course this is easy; I miss my wife and family when I am away from them. Especially as I know this part of my post normally appears on Facebook so will earn me extra points for being all soppy. I’m hoping that the excerpt will end at “them”.

    I am always sensitive around sleep, so I will always miss my bed whenever I’m not at home. Actually I can be even more specific than that. It’s not the mattress or bed frame that I pine for, it’s the pillows. The aged pieces of artificial fibres (no feathers due to my asthma) that have separated and reformed, bound together by sweat and skin cells, to fit perfectly to my head. Whenever I go and sleep elsewhere it just isn’t the same.

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  • Geek Ergo Sum Award

    Instant Celebrity

    Celebrities have it easy don’t they? They get to do jobs that most would love to have, and in return only get judged on their abilities and looks by the public that knows nothing about them and is comfortable with the kind of abuse that would see you in jail.

    So why would you want to be a celebrity? What drives people to want their eyeballs fried by flashbulbs and the very hint of a fat cell condemned as though they are obese? Who would I be if I could have been a contender?

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  • GES-Life

    A day in my life

    I had a bit of a rant to some people offline about the banality of my everyday routine, how I do the same thing five days a week until I get a chance to rest at the weekend. I thought this might be worth a blog post but today will be different.

    Today I am going to try my hand at something new. I cannot promise it will be any good, not that I really promise any of my posts are of a high quality. This is just a preliminary warning that rather than the free-flowing paragraphs you may be used to I am trying my hand at songwriting.

    Or more specifically, lyric writing.

    More more specifically, slightly changing the words of an existing song while also breaking the syllable count and possibly any rhyming.

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  • GES-Rant

    As I sit here now

    I’m so tired, I am flagging and waiting for home time. I know that I’m not allowed to feel tired because I chose to have a child and that therefore robs me of the right to complain about any malady that is infant-inflicted.

    The bottle of Coke is emptying quickly and I have got rid of all but one of the finished cups of tea on my desk. The last drops of caffeine course through my veins egging on my lethargic limbs to keep going. My fingers are conserving energy by shutting down the muscles so my digits are not as much typing as falling upon the keyboard.

    I’m tired.

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  • GES-Relationships

    Learning from each other

    Last night I had a discussion with Mrs G about the impact each of us had had on the others lives. It wasn’t one of those in depth conversations as she was on the laptop and I was shooting things on the Xbox. In fact at one point my syntax structure was as punctuated as the shots coming from my gun.

    The basic gist was that we complimented each other fairly well, even though we have similar tastes and interests we are still very different people in terms of our temperament. She is a humanities person where I’m the scientist, she is the loud-mouthed American and I’m the repressed Brit.

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  • GES-Autobiography

    Another Moment of Kindness

    I think to dispel the myth that I’m an anti-social grump who hates the public I should add that I am capable of my own acts of kindness. I’m a bit like Scrooge or The Grinch, with the exception that I can be kind all year round and I don’t need to be scared into being nice.

    I very much believe that kindness is not hard wired into humans because of some religious text or threat of eternal damnation, but is actually an intrinsic part of our nature. Helping others helps us and being kind is actually an evolution benefit. I came to this realisation thanks to a man from the Salvation Army.

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    One of my plans this year is to travel more, or at least the same amount as last year. In 2013 I managed to go to New York and Greece and I’m happy to say that I am being incredibly consistent by replicating the same vacations this year.

    In fact even before the end of January I am all booked up for the year and only now need to worry about paying for it and getting the time off work. At least I have the tickets, well I have the emails that now represent the tickets. It is nice to think that I will be spending Easter in the States and July roasting on a Corfunian beach.

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    Sweet Sixteen

    We are all getting old, even if we age at different rates. I came up with this idea when my Nan kept complaining about the aging process, after all when she reached her 80th birthday she was increasing in years by 1.25% whereas my thirtieth birthday represented an increase of 3.3%. I was getting older at twice the rate she was.

    I am now also of the age where my youth is nostalgia. Every day I see an article on the "465 ways to tell you are a child of June 1980" or "Amazingly these songs are now 9,000 days old" to help me feel that soon the History channel will start sepia-tinted documentaries of my childhood.

    I’m only kidding of course, the History channel is no longer interested in the past instead showing Nazi UFO’s or Pawn Ice Axes.

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  • GES-Thoughts

    Captive’s Choice


    I’ve been kidnapped.

    I don’t know by who, but it may be the Libyan terrorists from Back to the Future. Do you not many people remember that Marty McFly gets stuck in the past because there are Libyan terrorists after the stolen plutonium in the DeLorean.

    I’m being taken to some secret location, again without having a full understanding of why people would kidnap a data analyst I’m pretty unsure of my final destination. All I can hope is that these are the friendliest kidnappers and they plan to keep me captive in a nice hotel room.

    I am dreading that I’m going to end up somewhere less hospitable.

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  • baby g sleeping 4

    The Luckiest People

    Eleven hours sleep seemed like an unlikely scenario a few days ago. Having a two month old baby was like having a broken alarm that was ready to go off at any point, with a 90% chance it being around 5am. So even though the sleep is much, much, better than it was a few weeks ago I was still at the limit of rest.

    So this morning at 10.40 am I was still in bed having experienced a continuous period of REM. It felt like the most amazing thing in the world. That was until Mrs and Baby G came into the room.

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Good Desk, Bad Desk


The big office move has gone off without a hitch and despite losing a window, natural light and air-con there is one thing good to come from it. I now have a straight edged desk.

You see curved desks are stupid, and if you disagree you are wrong. As wrong as a desk that does not fit under quadrilateral in a shape test, as wrong as the waste of desk area generated by the pointless cut out shape of a pleasantly bending surface with which to work on. For centuries we have worked at desks that have consisted of nothing but for straight sides and do you know what was built?

The Pyramids
The Great Wall of China
The modern world

Even though we now have the modern technology is vastly superior to that of the 1960′s we have yet to go back to the Moon, and why? Curved desks.

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Another Birthday

Geek Ergo Sum Birthday

Time is a strange concept, hours linger while the day flies by. A month is over in a sneeze, but a year goes forward slowly but speeds up when looking back. A calendar seems to be subject to the chronological Doppler effect, with the high pitched whine of the past echoing into the distance.

So it comes to pass that I have another birthday, and this one is different to the others. For the first time I shall be getting a card from my offspring. What makes this quite satisfying is that I found an old post from a couple of years ago that had the following:

So here’s to looking forward to a future birthday, to when I am 40, by which time I hope to be in a job I love, be married and have kids, in a nice house by the sea.
In the space of a few years my life has changed considerably, as it always has seemed to do.

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Heroes : Alan Turing


Every government has done things it’s not proud of, history can be a harsh judge especially when past events are filtered through a modern sensibility lens. What was seen as deviant 60 years ago is now seen as normal and causes embarrassment for those in charge.

Such is the case of the great Alan Turing. A man who did more for his country than many others and was then treated inhumanly by a government he had helped to protect.

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No longer exploiting nobbers

Error Screenshot

Part of my digital life has died, no longer am I trying to exploit the stupidity of the internet and have let another website perish. Being my second instance of blogicide I don’t feel as emotional as the abandoning of Angry Fairy Tales.

I have had the email confirmation that exploitingnobbers.com is no more, the two year old site no longer fulfilling the niche it was setup to do. It’s original purpose was to see how many people would be happy to pay for end of the world insurance (remember we were all going to die in 2012).

In memory of this site, I thought I’d offer the chance to protect yourself against all being raptured 18 months ago.

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