Cats, or Menagerie

We are a zero-cat family, well that’s not necessarily true we are a zero-this-side-of-the-Atlantic family whereas Mrs G’s mother lives in a Three-line abode. Geddit, three-line. It’s feline but with three in, because she has three cats. In fact I should have mentioned that first.

I’ve agreed that should anyone but me organises it then the cats can come over because I don’t believe in animal cruelty and Mrs G’s two cats are terrorising the unfortunate incumbent feline.

2011-12-09 205145

These are the two terrors, Bella the aloof and rotund alpha cat on the left and Olivia the stupid cat savant who is as deadly a killer as Jean Reno or Smallpox.

They’ve been exposed to me for a week at a time so are used to me but an extended stay does make me worry about what they will think of me.
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Having to work, or Barter System

I hate having to work for a living, not the current job I am in per se, just the actual institution of having to get up in the morning and go and sit somewhere else that isn’t home. I understand that I need to to pay for things like bacon and electricity to cook the bacon that I’ve bought, it just seems so unnatural that you need to pay for things that have no real tangible value other than that bestowed upon it by others.

It’s sad that I have to spend 35 hours behind a computer screen to earn pieces of paper and metal that can be exchanged in return for goods and services. The issue isn’t that I’m VDU bound, but more to do with the fact that I have to labour to provide others with more wealth and benefits than I put in myself.
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Never published, or BYOB(ookworm)

On one hand I am really impressed with myself, I’m nearly a quarter of the way through 2015 and I’ve managed to post 177 times. I’m still on target for posting one a day, but I’ve worked out that if I average at least 300 words a day (and that is a lowball estimate) then I’ve published at least 53,000 words this year so far.

That’s a novel.

Or 2/25ths of a Les Miserables. Either way it’s a lot of words that could have been used in writing my own novel. I did attempt one for NaNoWriMo and failed after the first day. It seems I do have the time and possibly the inclination so why can’t I get a story out of me?

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The British Republic

I have an issue with the Royal Family. I’m sure as people they are perfectly nice, even casually racist Phil or politically-meddling organic Charlie, it’s just the institution they represent is an archaic throwback to olden times.

As a nation we have our next three heads of state planned out for us. Imagine any other country who was so certain of the line of succession, how could they call themselves a modern democracy. Instead of questioning this embarrassment of a political system we fawn over their babies as if it they are the second coming. Instead of worshipping the aristocracy it is now time to think about abolishing the monarchy.

The whole saga of “Britain’s next Baby” (aka Will Sprog II) has finally tipped the scales, we cannot go around the world preaching the democracy of a General Election when we don’t even elect our Head of State. You might think that it is cute we have a monarch, but it is to them that the police, our judiciary, our army and our parliament pledge allegiance to. The instruments of security and law are not beholden to the wishes of the people but to a family who inherited their power. Continue reading The British Republic

Feel the burn, or Ring of Fire

I see food as a challenge, whenever I see a potential culinary challenge I feel like I need to attack it. All you can eat is an open invitation to try, and if there is an exotic cut of meat I’m going to try it.

This has got me into problems more than once, Mrs G complains that I think I can eat like a big game hunter but ostrich, alligator, boar have all lead to dietary ramification which mean I am now restricted to a “farmyard” only diet.

Where I will still take risks is with capsaicin. I see the Scoville Scale as a guide and the higher the better. I just can’t get enough of hot and spicy foods.

When I head to Nando’s (for those not familiar with Nando’s you are missing out, it’s Peri-Peri chicken from the gods) I like to go for the hottest sauce I can. It will totally obliviate the taste of the meat but if you are going hot and spicy you are not too bothered if your chicken was corn-fed.
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50 things a Geek should know

Ambling around the internet I came upon a very interesting pseudo-infographic from a company trying to get some cheap PR and SEO by talking about a random subject thinly connected to their business.

It claims to be able to separate the “real geeks” from the “nerd chics” by listing the 50 things a geek should know, ranging from facts about sci-fi to programming tidbits. So to measure my geek credentials I’m going to take the test and see what I end up with.

Feel free to play along (although I will be answering some of the questions so don’t cheat).

50 Things a Geek Should Know

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The GES Manifesto : Education

What is the quickest way to anger a teacher? As a non-teacher tell them how the education system should be run. Seriously try it, go to any one working in education and tell them you know better. It won’t end well.

I say this from experience, there are a number of teachers in my life and they all have pretty strident views on the impact of outsiders on schooling. I suppose this comes from having people like Michael Gove involved in making policy decisions that are political rather than in the best interests of the children.

English: Michael Gove speaking at the Conserva...
How was he allowed so much time to destroy schools? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That for me should be the most important part of education policy, where I work in a customer-centric environment I feel that schools should out pupils at the heart of everything they do. Some (like the Toad faced Gove) put headlines and votes, others put costs, a few put their jobs, but thankfully all the teachers I know (and overall the vast majority) do a fantastic job. Continue reading The GES Manifesto : Education

Editing, or Slash and Burn

I live in a world without a delete button, or come to think of it a pause button. I also seem to be lacking a mute button as well to the chagrin of others. When I sit down to talk about anything I am going to go full flow with a lack of control or the ability to go back.

I should go back; too many times I go past the point where I should stop and push the limits of conversation. My biggest problem is that I want to be concise and erudite but when provided with a blank canvas I can’t contain myself and just end up carrying on and on and on….

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The GES Manifesto : The Economy

According to all parties at this election there is no money, but we are still going to spend it on stuff. It seems like a hard task trying to run the budget to get the most amount of votes possible, but then they all ignore planning for the long term.

To prove how easy it is I’m going to put together a template for all budgets, well a template for most modern capitalist democracies. Some of these ideas are not exactly suited for the more socialist of governments, yet some are more likely to be implemented in one. I’ll do this with the same level of economic knowledge that the budget makers have… Precisely zero.

The advantage I have is that this doesn’t need to go before either my fellow law makers, or more importantly the masses. So I can suggest things that will be in the interest of all, as opposed to the tactic of paying less yet wanting more.
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